Ten Reasons Why a Vendor Lease Program Works for Your Customers

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Every business wants more sales.

During a time when the economy has been less than kind to small businesses, it’s more important than ever to exploit any opportunity to increase your bottom line.

Not offering a leasing program to your customers could mean that there’s a very real chance you’re missing out on large number of deals.  If your potential customers are on the fence about purchasing your equipment or technology, perhaps wary of the upfront expense or the commitment of the purchase, a leasing program could be just the thing to turn a potential buyer into another satisfied customer.

Our most recent flyer – The Top Ten Reasons Why Leasing Makes Sense for Your Customers will highlight the ten ways your customers can benefit from leasing your equipment right now.  From predictable monthly payments to some serious tax benefits, we’ll show you how to educate your customers about the value of acquiring your equipment in a way that they can afford today.

The first step? Download the flyer by clicking below:

Think you’re ready to get started with a vendor leasing program right now?  Be sure to give Direct Capital a call to talk to one of our Vendor Program Finance Managers.