The 50 Best Cash Flow Management Software, Tools and Apps to Help Your Small Business Better Manage Cash Flow

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Cash flow is the lifeblood of your business. Without adequate inflow, you won’t have sufficient funds to cover your own expenses – a real threat when it comes to startups and new businesses.

And in fact, statistics show that 80% of businesses fail due to cash flow management problems. What’s more, many businesses that go belly-up are already profitable; they just don’t have sufficient cash to survive from day to day.

One of the best things you can do for your company is to plan and prepare for positive cash flow. Direct Capital has created a list that enumerates 50 of the best cash-flow tools and resources today: software and apps that will help you forecast cash flow, encourage inflow, make accurate calculations, and record past, current and future numbers to produce an accurate accounting of your business’s cash flow.

It may sound like a corny business maxim, but when you set yourself up for positive cash flow, you really do set yourself up for success.

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Cash Flow Management Software & Apps

cash flow tools
These online tools, apps, and software cut the fluff and drill down to one thing: cash flow. Cash flow tracking, cash flow forecasting, cash flow modeling and managing your cash flow – these will do it, and do it perfectly. That’s the beauty of hyper-specialized tools.

1. Pulse

As its name suggests, Pulse is about keeping your finger on the pulse of your business financials. This online app is dedicated to tracking your cash flow – and helps you harness all related information to make informed business decisions. We love that Pulse was created by a small business, for small business: Pulse understands and anticipates your company’s cash flow management needs.


  • Available online, for all platforms
  • Track your cash flow via weekly, monthly, or list view
  • Generate reports for various categories, income, expenses, and more

Cost: Free Trial; Pricing from $14/month

2. QuickBooks (Cash Flow Forecast Report)

If your company is already part of Intuit’s QuickBooks universe, you’ll love its built-in cash flow forecasting feature. QuickBooks now allows you to generate week-by-week cash flow forecasts, to project future cash inflow, disbursements, and bank account balances.


  • Available for Windows or Mac, or as an online version
  • Sort by accounts receivable, accounts payable, bank account, net inflows, or projected balance
  • Drill down by date, forecasting periods, and other factors

Cost: Free with QuickBooks

3. Float

Float is a simplified, beautified solution to cash flow management, forecasting, and budgeting. It’s simple interface is intuitive, so you’ll be up and running in no time; you can even generate your first cash flow forecast within a few minutes of installing the app. Your information is kept secure, safely backed up to the cloud.


  • Available online, for all platforms
  • Syncs with your current accounting software, like Xero and FreeAgent
  • Built-in tools make it easy to test the numbers, drill down to specific data points, generate reports, and more

Cost: Free Trial; Pricing from $24/month

4. Up Your Cash Flow

Up Your Cash Flow is a powerful tool for cash flow analysis. The software helps companies not only manage their cash inflow and outflow, but also to develop an efficient cash-management plan. The best part is, the software does it all for you: there are no clunky spreadsheets or confusing formulas to complicate matters.


  • Available for Windows
  • Video tutorials help you understand the software and cash flow principles
  • Optional cash flow consulting services, for newbies or time-strapped businesspeople

Cost: Free Trial; Software from $749 (SmartStart: $395)

5. Bilbus Cashflow Hub

Bilbus’s Cashflow Hub is a dedicated tool for managing cash flow and your accounts receivable. Its simple, online interface is easy to use, so you can be up and running in minutes (yes, really). Configure your data for up to 12 months, and then drill down to daily, weekly and monthly cash reviews and forecasts.


  • Available online, for all platforms
  • Flexible, configurable interface that adapts to your business
  • Centralized cashflow forecasting, so you can better understand your accounts receivables and payment status

Cost: Free Trial; Pricing from $19.99/month

6. Calxa

If you’re not a fan of complicated spreadsheets and confusing formulas, Calxa is for you. The cashflow and budgeting software is designed especially for small business (and nonprofits), so it’s in-built tools offer exactly what you need: automatic calculations, cashflow schedules and forecasts, project budgeting, and customizable reports, among other features.


  • Available online, for all platforms
  • Multi-user support, complete with permissions
  • Easily customized reports, so you can see the big picture – or drill down to individual data

Cost: Free Trial; From AUD$25/month

7. PlanWare Cashflow Plan

PlanWare’s Cashflow Plan is a tool that works in partnership with Microsoft Excel, so if you already use the latter, your cash flow spreadsheets are about to get a lot easier. The idea is simple: instead of going through the Excel song-and-dance – creating your worksheets, entering all your data, correcting errors, reviewing results, etc. – Cashflow Plan does it all for you – no writing formulas, no programming, no testing, none of it.


  • Available for Windows computers running MS Excel
  • Never write another formula, program another spreadsheet, or test another dataset
  • Preprogrammed formulas, menus and buttons for 150+ items

Cost: Free Trial; Pricing from $39

8. Sage One Cashbook

You’ve likely heard of Sage accounting software, but did you know the company also offers Sage One Cashbook? This simple tool helps freelancers and sole traders track their income, expenses, and cash flow. The tool makes it easy to enter expenses and generate reports on all relevant data.


  • Available online, for all platforms
  • Generate simple but informative reports for your income, expenses, cash-on-hand, yearly profits, and more
  • Recurring statements make it easy to send monthly statements to frequent customers and clients

Cost: Free Trial; Pricing from just £3/month

9. CashFlowOnline

Designed to help small businesses control their cash flow, CashFlowOnline is all about tracking your expenses and staying abreast of your company’s cash. Generate reports, like daily, weekly, or monthly cash flows, and create various what-if scenarios to test potential outcomes from business decisions. We appreciate the optional, one-click bank reconciliation tool.


  • Available online, for all platforms
  • Link to your bank account for one-click reconciliation
  • Generate graphical cash flow reports

Cost: Free basic account; Premium account from £7.95/month

10. CashWhiz

CashWhiz is a robust tool that does a little more than cash flow analysis and forecasting. Comprehensive software makes it easy to track and change the four key areas of your business: forecasting the future of your business; analyzing your current efforts and decisions; measuring your goals; and understanding your financial reports. The purpose: to arm you with the information necessary to make more informed, better decisions.


  • Available online, for all platforms
  • Easily track your current efforts and project future success
  • Simple tools make it easy to understand your financial past, present, and future

Cost: Free Trial; Full Version for AUD$220

11. Cash Flow Mojo

Cash Flow Mojo is sort of like the missing link between budgeting, cash flow, and profits. The software was designed to help small and medium-sized businesses better manage and understand their finances, from break-even points, to debt reduction, to company expansion. Robust income planning, sales projections, and cash flow forecasting help create an actionable plan for growth.


  • Available online, for all platforms
  • Modules include budgeting, sales & income planning, bills & credit debt, cash flow controller, accounts receivable, and more
  • Training videos make it easy to learn the system

Cost: 30-Day Trial for $9.99; Contact for full pricing

12. Adaptive Planning

Adaptive Planning is an online budgeting, cash flow forecasting, and revenue-planning tool that integrates with Salesforce. The purpose of the software is to reduce errors, speed up budgeting and forecasting, and provide better, more readable reports. Practically speaking, this is a powerful tool that simplifies number-crunching and gives you the information necessary to make better, more informed business decisions.


  • Available online, for all platforms
  • Up to 90% reduction in budgeting and forecasting cycle times
  • Fully integrated with Salesforce

Cost: Free Trial; Contact for pricing

13. SurvivalWare

You use cash flow analysis to inform your financial decisions, and SurvivalWare is all about helping you do that with simple tools. Choose from pre-built models, which allow for quick-start financials and, later, full customization for multiple product lines, expense breakdowns, various cash flow formats, and other reporting options.


  • Available for Windows
  • Create customized financial models in plain English, without the use of complicated formulas
  • Reports drill down to specific information, generating graphs and visual displays for better understanding

Cost: From $495

14. PocketSmith

PocketSmith is billed as personal finance software, but this robust little app offers financial forecasting that works for small businesses. Powerful forecasting tools work with budgeting and cash flow analysis to provide projections up to 30 years into the future. We like the handy dashboard, which pools all your information into one easy-to-view window. Oh, and it’s compatible with


  • Available online, for all platforms
  • Synchronize with US, Canada, UK, Australia and New Zealand bank accounts
  • Test various what-if scenarios to fuel better financial decisions

Cost: Free Basic account; Premium from $9.95/month

15. Budget Maestro

Budget Maestro is cash flow forecasting software, plain and simple. The desktop tool enables small and medium-sized business owners to create synchronized P&L, balance sheet, and cash flow statements, as well as apply customizable A/R and A/P schedules globally or to individual assumptions. You can drill down to individual data, generate reports, and more, all to build a better picture of your company’s finances.


  • Available for Windows
  • Easily view cash flow effect from loans, sales, and capital asset plans
  • Generate reports from direct and indirect layouts

Cost: Free Trial; Contact for pricing

16. CashFlow Guardian

CashFlow Guardian is a three-pronged tool that lets you monitor your business activity, define your workflow to align with goals, and generate reports on multiple data sources. The software simplifies formerly complicated tasks, like analyzing the accuracy of your payroll or disbursements, and provides simple reporting and task management.


  • Available online, for all platforms
  • Generate dynamic reports to visualize your data
  • Intuitive dashboards provide up-to-date monitoring of your cash, accounts, and bank statements

Cost: Contact for pricing

17. PlusPoint

For business owners who love to wonder, “what if?”, there’s PlusPoint. This powerful app dives into possible business scenarios, so you can easily model financial changes and their potential impact on your company. It takes just a few minutes to generate your first cashflow analysis – the jumping-off point for visualizing risks, calculating forecasts, and generating other reports.


  • Available online, for all platforms
  • Easily identify cashflow issues and areas for improvement
  • Instantly forecast the financial impact of future sales

Cost: Free Trial; Pricing from £16.67/month

18. Simply Cashflow

Simply Cashflow is an add-on for Xero, allowing you to produce cash flow forecasts and build what-if scenarios for your business. Unlimited entries – including what-if cash-in and cash-out – make it possible to truly plan for your company’s financial present and future. Integrates seamlessly with Xero.


  • Available as an add-on to Xero
  • Capable of cash flow forecasting 5 years in the future
  • Generate reports as data tables, graphs, bars, and pie charts

Cost: Free Trial; Pricing from $15/month

Financial Forecasting/Cash Flow Management Software & Apps

financial software
If you’re in the market for more robust accounting/financial software with built-in cash flow analysis, the following tools offer comprehensive bookkeeping, accounts monitoring, invoicing, and other features.

19. KashFlow

KashFlow is an intuitive, cloud-based tool designed for small and medium-sized business owners with little or no accounting experience. The online software, which you can access via smartphone app or computer, makes it easy to invoice clients, set up billing, and perform other functions that keep the cash flowing into your business.


  • Available online, for all platforms; Smartphone apps available
  • Easily transfer existing bookkeeping & invoicing data from Sage or QuickBooks
  • Set up automated invoicing for steady cash flow

Cost: Free Trial; Pricing from £5/month

20. SumAll

Designed primarily for ecommerce-driven companies, SumAll is an online accounting suite and social media dashboard that tracks your online presence and analyzes your company’s financials. If you choose, it’ll automatically pull in data from Paypal, eBay, Google Analytics, BigCommerce, and other ecommerce tools. What we love most is the tool’s powerful analytics, which take reporting, including cash flow and profits, to whole new (and visual) levels.


  • Available online, for all platforms
  • Connect your financials into one dashboard for easy viewing
  • Generate reports, which you may choose to have emailed to you daily or weekly

Cost: Free Basic account; Premium from $9/month

21. Truth

Truth and Truth Professional provide cash flow management modeling software, complete with reporting for net worth, income, expenditures, cash flow, and more. Truth Professional adds on back-office management, investment and analysis reporting, life updates, and other features that make this a tool we recommend for small and medium-sized businesses.


  • Available for Windows
  • Generate statements for cash flow, expenditure, income, net worth, and other metrics
  • Back-office integration and management

Cost: Licensing from £197

22. FreeAgent

FreeAgent (formerly, 60mo) is a financial forecasting tool for freelancers and small businesses. This comprehensive online tool pulls all your company’s financials into one place: a dashboard for financial estimates, invoicing, expense, project, time tracking, banking (including cash flow statements), accounting, and taxes. Whew!


  • Available online, for all platforms
  • Track cash flow at a glance, in flexible 3-, 6- and 12-month terms
  • Generate powerful reports, like annual profit & loss statements, expenses, bills, and accounts receivable

Cost: Free Trial; Pricing from $20/month

23. PlanGuru

For serious accounting needs, there’s PlanGuru. The software offers three different options, depending on your budget and financial reporting needs, but all offer robust accounting and financial analysis. The goal is to centralize your accounts receivable, cash flow, bills, payables, and other data in one place, to help fuel more informed, better business decisions.


  • Available for Windows
  • QuickBooks & Excel importing (some versions)
  • More than over 20 types of forecasting methods

Cost: Free Trial; Licensing from $99

24. You Need a Budget (YNAB)

YNAB is excellent personal finance software that works well for entrepreneurs and small business owners. This desktop software creates budgets, spending estimates, cash flow forecasts, and other basic metrics to give you a better picture of your current business – and possible futures, depending on your decisions. One of our favorite features is cash-needs forecasting, which helps you calculate how much cash to keep on hand to cover your operating costs.


  • Available for Windows and Mac
  • Plain-English tutorials make finances simple even for beginners
  • Forecast how much cash to keep on-hand to cover business expenses

Cost: Free Trial; Full license for $60

25. inDinero

InDinero is web-based accounting software that pulls bookkeeping, taxes, and payroll into one online home. Unlike most accounting software, which is created for professional accountants, inDinero is built for business owners: it’s easy to use, without having to understand complicated formulas. We like the accounts and cash flow tracking tools, which keep you tuned into your money at all times.


  • Available online, for all platforms
  • Intuitive dashboard offers visual analysis of your financials
  • Easily invoice clients, pay employees, and more

Cost: By invite only (you can request an invite); Contact for pricing

26. Enloop

Enloop may not be the first solution that comes to mind when you think financial tools – it’s a business plan writing app, after all – but this free tool is perfectly suited to the task. In fact, Enloop automatically creates a cash flow forecast, as well as other financial projections, when you create a business plan. Now how’s that for proper preparation?


  • Available online, for all platforms
  • Free 3-year forecasts for cash flow and other financials
  • 1 business plan on the free account; up to unlimited plans with paid options

Cost: Free basic account; Paid options from $6/month

27. Tagetik

Tagetik has one thing to say about proper cash flow management: without it, your business planning process is incomplete. With that in mind, this software solution provides a robust tool to test multiple what-if scenarios, develop accurate cash flow forecasts, generate financial models, create income statements, and more. Of course, that’s not all: Tagetik is also for budgeting, cost controls, internal reporting, financial analytics, corporate governance, risk management, and more.


  • Available for Windows and mobile devices
  • Test what-if scenarios with weighted rules
  • Use built-in features to calculate net financial position

Cost: Free Demo; Contact for pricing

28. Wave

If corporate finance isn’t your forte, take heart: Wave was created for business people like you. Wave’s accounting software is the bookkeeping solution for non-accountants, translating complicated financials to plain English. What that means for you is a simple, usable app that lets you track and manage your financials, and forecast future income, cash flow, and more.


  • Available online, for all platforms
  • Individual apps handle accounting, invoicing, payroll, and other financials
  • Sync your bank account and say goodbye to manual data entry

Cost: Free

Cash Flow Management Calculators

Sometimes, all you need is a good old-fashioned calculator. The following cash flow management calculators are available online and for free, giving you the freedom to test the numbers and plan for a richer financial future.

29. Cash Flow Statement

This cash flow statement is a sort of calculator-template hybrid, making it easy to do custom calculations in your own spreadsheet. It takes into account dozens of factors over a three-year period, giving you a very comprehensive view of your probable cash flow.

30. Online Calculator for Cash Flow Planning

Follow this four-step plan to calculate cash flow and better plan for your business future. We love that you can chart for 3-60 periods, and we love even more the tips published below the calculator: nuggets on how to fix a negative cash balance, how to grow a startup, and more.

31. Entrepreneur’s Cash Flow Calculator

Did you know that many businesses are actually profitable when they go under? Entrepreneur does. That’s why they’ve created this cashflow calculator, to help small business owners calculate how much cash they need on hand to carry inventory, make sales, and handle rapid growth. Variables include starting cash, your first month’s sales, initial inventory balance, profitability, and more.

32. BPlans’ Cash Flow Calculator

Cash is still king, at least when it comes time to pay the piper. Bplans’s cash flow calculator is similar to others on our list, but it also offers a helpful chart, to track your sales, COGS, expenses, net profits, net cash flow, and other financials.

33. How to Calculate Cash Flow

This article from wikiHow isn’t a calculator, but more like a road map to creating your own calculator. For that reason, we recommend clicking over only if you already understand the basic elements that go into creating cash flow forecasts. That said, anyone with a spreadsheet could use this tutorial to create calculations customized to their business.

34. Cash Flow Calculator from Business Finance Online

Forget the bells and whistles and go back to basics with this no-frill cash-flow calculator. Key in your cash flow frequency, add your nominal rate, factor in your present and future values, and calculate to your heart’s content.

35. Present Value of Cash Flows Calculator

If you yearn to know the math behind your financials, this one’s for you. Calculator Soup dishes up a calculator to determine the present value of a series of future cash flows. And they don’t just do the calculations for you: they show you the formulas and logic behind the results.

36. Dinky Town’s Cash Flow Calculator

For anyone who’s ever wondered if s/he had enough cash on hand, this calculator answers the question: What is my current cash flow? Enter in cash-on-hand at the beginning of the period, add in cash from operations, investments, and financing, and the calculator churns out the answer – and a graph to help you visualize it all, to boot. We appreciate the helpful definitions below the calculator, too.

37. Cash flow improvement calculator

This calculator, from Nab, doesn’t measure your current cash flow; it calculates how to improve it. Utilizing various factors, like revenue, overheads, inventory, and cost of goods, the calculator helps you determine your gross margin, net profit, and more – and then makes tiny adjustments (reduce gross margin, increase sales prices, etc.) to see its affect on your cash flow.

38. Business Valuation–Discounted Cash Flow Calculator

This calculator offers a slightly different take on cash flow calculations. A common method of business valuation (BV) is called the discounted cash flow methodology, which calculates the net present value of future cash flows for a business – in other words, a business’s future cash. This calculator helps you make those calculations, and thus gives you one way to establish a value for your company.

39. How to Calculate Free Cash Flow

Free cash flow is a more complicated calculation than simple cash flow. In a nutshell, free cash flow is the cash available to investors, including shareholders, after your company has made any investments needed to sustain ongoing operations. This brief article arms you with the tools (and formulas) necessary to calculate your company’s free cash flow.

Cash Flow Management Templates

Once you’ve worked your way through one (or several) cash flow management calculators, you’re ready to take forecasting to the next level. The following cash flow management templates help you chart your cash today and tomorrow, often for years into the future. Customize, add, delete and tweak to create a template perfectly suited to your business.

40. Microsoft Office Templates

The Microsoft Office Suite offers hundreds of free templates, so it’s no surprise that there are several available to help you chart your cash flow. Scroll through to find the template that works best for your needs; you’ll find simple cash flow projections, calculators, forecasting, and even complicated analyses. Additionally, make sure to choose a template that works with your software (Excel or Word) and version.

41. Cashflow Forecasting Template

Business Victoria knows that 80% of businesses fail due to cash flow problems. One way to avoid becoming a statistic: begin with accurate, informed cash flow forecasting. Their Excel template will get you started with estimating cash outflows, expenses, and projected inflows to create a comprehensive view of expected cash on hand.

42. Cash flow forecast template (Monthly)

In addition to its useful calculator, Nab also offers up a free MS Excel cash flow template. The template can be customized to your business, and will help you forecast future cash inflow and outflow.

43. Cash Flow Spreadsheets

Before you click, be warned: this one links to a lengthy list of free Excel templates and spreadsheets. You’ll find several related to cash flow, including templates to calculate free cash flow to equity (FCFE), free cash flow, cash flow valuation, simplified cash flow ROI, cash flow matrix, cash gap, simple cash flow, cash flow sensitivity, and more.

44. Cash Flow Statement Template

This template makes it easy to create a cash flow statement, or statement of cash flows – a spreadsheet to summarize where your cash comes from and goes to. Provider Vertex42 recommends using this spreadsheet in conjunction with a balance sheet and income statement, for a full picture of your business financials.

45. Cash Flow Template

If numbers aren’t your strong suit, Futurpreneur has a template to help. This cash flow spreadsheet factors in start-up costs, sales forecasting, and cash flow to present a robust financial snapshot for your company. As with most templates, there’s no number-crunching or formula-knowledge necessary; everything’s built right into the spreadsheet’s imported formulas.

46. Sample Cash Flow Template Page

This simple cash flow template, courtesy of the Cash Flow Calculator, helps you build an accurate cash flow statement for your business. The template covers the present and future, so you can create projections for future cash flow.

47. SCORE Cash Flow Statement: 12 Months | 3 Years

SCORE is in the business of offering free small business advice, so it’s fitting that the organization offers free templates for business use. These twin spreadsheets offer shorter (12-month) and longer term (3-year) forecasts, depending on your needs and goals.

48. Google Cash Flow Templates

If you use Google Spreadsheets, hop on over to this excellent list of free templates. As with Microsoft’s list of templates, you’ll find samples here that cover a wide range of forecasting and planning: cash flow statements, budgeting, financial plans, cash flow analysis, and many more.

49. Cash Flow Forecast – Calculator

Billed as a cash flow forecasting calculator, this Excel spreadsheet from ANZ Biz Hub is actually a forecasting template. Input your data, tweak the fields, and you’ll have a good picture of your corporate cash flow over the next 12 months.

50. Cashflow forecast template and tutorial

Cash flow is the sustenance that keeps your business running. Prowess, a women’s business network designed to support entrepreneurs, offers up this free cashflow forecasting template to help you make these important calculations. They encourage tweaking the template as real life (and real business) sets in – solid advice for any small business owner.

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