Top 50 Personal Finance and Budget Planning Apps

Reading Time: 23 minutes

It seems every day there’s a new app available to help make life easier, and personal finance and budgeting apps are no exception. They’re a lot more convenient than desktop apps, too, because you can document your expenses as they happen throughout the day – so you’re less likely to forget about a little purchase here and there. If you’ve ever read anything about trying to keep tabs on your spending habits, you’re probably well aware that it’s those little expenses here and there that seem insignificant but are often our biggest obstacle to getting a handle on our spending.

Not only do these apps act like a central database in which you can enter every purchase you make as it happens, but many offer advanced functionality like bill reminders, direct linking to your bank and lenders so you can pay bills with just a few clicks, and fancy reporting options that will create a sharp-looking chart or graph to show you exactly where you’re spending the most of your money. There are also innovative apps that project your financial future, analyze your credit cards and help you identify the one with the best reward, and apps for tricking yourself into saving a little cash every month.

Note: The following 50 apps are not listed in order of quality or importance. At Direct Capital we used a numbering system so it’s easier to refer back when you’re ready to download an app, or maybe you want to tell someone else about it. In any case, the numbers should be considered a point of reference only and not an implication that #1 is better than #50.

With personal preferences as wide in variation as the many different smartphones you’re all using, there’s a good chance that the best app for one of you isn’t the best app for someone else. These apps are among the best personal finance and budget planning apps in the market, though, so the odds are good that you’ll find the perfect app that meets your needs in this list.

1. Manilla



Manilla is a one-stop destination for managing your bills. Go paperless without having to worry about losing bill information. With Manilla, you can link to over 4,000 businesses including credit card, bank, utility, and wireless carrier accounts to organize all your bills in one location.


Key Features:

  • Set customized reminders
  • Access all your bills from one login
  • Upload and store documents
  • Share bills with roommates, spouses, or your accountant
  • Ensure account security with top-level protection


Cost: FREE


2. OnBudget



OnBudget turns your budgeting into a hassle-free task. Transfer money from any bank account to your OnBudget Mastercard to avoid overspending on daily living expenses—even if you have the money. The OnBudget app tracks your spending habits and lets you know how you’re doing.


Key Features:

  • Pay no fees
  • Set up two-user integration
  • Access budget advisors free
  • Use any bank account to set up weekly, monthly, or bi-monthly auto-loads
  • Track data in real-time


Cost: FREE


3. Mint



Mint makes managing all areas of your finances simple. The app pulls information from your financial accounts, such as savings, checking, investments, mortgage, etc. so you can organize it all in one place. You can even create a budget to track your financial goals or commit to saving a certain amount from each paycheck to put towards a big-ticket purchase.


Key Features:

  • Set up automatic alerts, like bill reminders
  • Stay safe with 128-bit SSL encryption
  • View graphs to make tracking your finances simple
  • Find savings through personal recommendations


Cost: FREE


4. PayPal



PayPal makes accepting and sending payments easy. With PayPal, shopping online is simple and secure for businesses and consumers. It’s also a great way to get paid, and you can take your balance offline with your with a PayPal debit card. With the mobile app, you can stay on top of it all on-the-go.


Key Features:

  • Deposit checks onto your account
  • Send invoices
  • Connect to your bank or credit card account to transfer money
  • Accept payments on your website


Cost: FREE (Fees may apply for certain transactions)


5. Budgt



Budgt is ideal for students and individuals with a small income. The app allows you to track day-to-day expenses and create new daily budgets. Plus, you’ll get estimated projections on how much you’ll save at the end of the month based on your previous spending.


Key Features:

  • Create an individual monthly budget
  • Discover reports detailing how much you can afford each day
  • Get an overview of how much you’re spending in each category
  • Review your spending habits with charts and graphs
  • Export your data
  • Set reminders


Cost: $1.99


6. Spendee



Spendee delivers a user-friendly interface designed to help you track where your money is going. Simply add your income and expenses to stay on track of things. With pre-configured expense categories, you don’t have to take the time to enter notes and detailed descriptions – making it easier to quickly enter an amount, click the category of choice, and be on your way.


Key Features:

  • Visualize your income, expenses and spending trends
  • Charts and graphs display financial history
  • Percentage breakdown of spending by category
  • Timeline view shows when you tend to spend the most
  • Biggest purchase and month-over-month change stats
  • Discover where your money is going with category options
  • Receive updates in your feed


Cost: FREE


7. MoneyWise


Referred to as an “electronic checkbook,” MoneyWise is one of the best ways to help you stay on top of your finances. Having earned the “The Best Budget-Tracking App for Android” title from Lifehacker in 2012, this is a great app to have on your mobile device. With it, you can enter your expenses and track where you’re spending money with visual graphs and other reports.


Key Features:

  • Access your data without an Internet connection
  • Manage multiple accounts and budgets
  • Tag, categorize, and filter your expenses
  • Export your files
  • Protect your data with a password




8. My Budget Book


Not your ordinary expense-tracking smartphone app, My Budget Book delivers more comprehensive reports and useful tools than you’ll find elsewhere. Along with income, expense, and budget planning software, you can also receive projected budget estimates based on your previous data. If you like to visualize your financial status, you’ll love the ability to generate charts and graphs to illustrate how much  you’re spending where – by primary expense categories, and you can even drill-down to see the distribution of total expenses in a sub-category, such as household expenses.


Key Features:

  • Set and monitor different budgets
  • Access data without the Internet
  • Set up the app in one of 10 languages or 100 currencies
  • Carry your budget over to the next month
  • Individual transfers and recurring transactions for future projections
  • Add subcategories to better organize expenses
  • Create templates to make adding transactions quick
  • Use the built-in calculator to perform various calculations


Cost: $3.49





If you dread sitting down and “paying the bills,” might be just the app for you. Enter your data just once, and you can view and manage all your bills in one single view. It reminds you when your bills are due, and you can either pay them on the spot or schedule them for later – from within the app, no checkbook, stamps, or envelope necessary.  Because you’ll be on top of paying your bills on time (and you’ll get an alert when your funds are running low, too), you’ll never have to worry about late fees and overdraft charges.


Key Features:

  • Receive payment reminders
  • Schedule payments for later
  • Get real-time alerts
  • Stay secure with triple-level security
  • Large-purchase alerts for fraud protection
  • Pay bills with your bank account or credit card
  • Avoid late charges and overdraft fees


Cost: FREE


10. Dollarbird



Dollarbird takes a calendar approach to finances, giving you detailed reports on your income and expenses over time. You’ll be able to enter your financial details each day to help you stay on budget, and then view reports in calendar, graph, or other formats. Plus, you can do it all free, and without sharing your bank account information for peace of mind.

Key Features:

  • Organize expenses into categories
  • Multitude of pre-configured expense categories
  • Estimate financial projections
  • Receive monthly bill reminders
  • Setup recurring transactions
  • Maintain multiple calendars
  • Income, monthly balance, income vs. expense graphs
  • Visual budget display for the graphics-oriented
  • Enjoy automatic balance calculations



  • FREE
  • Pro version: $4.99/month or $49.99/year


11. LevelMoney



LevelMoney delivers the tools you need to “never worry about money again.” Connect with 250 top US banks to track your money in real-time. The app gives you detailed information on your budget, showing your income, savings, and bills. After calculating that, it will show you what you have left to spend each day, week, and month so you don’t spend more than you have. The bottom-line concept is that you can quickly and easily check your available spending cash with a glance at your smartphone. You can also start a savings plan for big-ticket purchases or even just a rainy day, with Level handling all the dirty work – because that savings won’t show up in your “available spending cash,” you’re less likely to spend it.


Key Features:

  • Ensure information security with 128-Bit Encryption
  • Simple, straightforward cash flow monitoring
  • Setup savings plans and hide your savings from your view
  • Enjoy automatic updates without having to enter transactions manually
  • Get automatic calculations showing reoccurring transactions
  • See projected savings data


Cost: FREE


12. MoneyWiz



MoneyWiz is designed to help you manage all your financial data from a single interface across your devices. Compatible with Mac, iPhone, iPad and Android devices, you could potentially visit your MoneyWiz dashboard from your desktop and tablet in addition to your smartphone. Windows users, fear not: The company is slated to release a Windows-compatible edition soon. Not only can you stay on budget with automatic monitoring and alerts, but you can sync your information across your devices so you can track your budget from anywhere.


Key Features:

  • View cash-flow reports
  • Set up reoccurring and scheduled payments
  • Get payment reminders
  • Import bank statements
  • Full-screen reports, forecasting, split payments and more
  • Use in over 20 languages and various currencies
  • Online guides, in-app help and live support


Cost: $4.99


13. Budget Ease



Budget Ease makes managing your money simple, turning the age-old envelope-budgeting method into a streamlined, modern, digital experience that’s both intuitive and simple to manage from multiple devices. Configuring your budget is a breeze, and ongoing maintenance is hassle-free so you won’t veer off the course of compliance. With multiple ways to enter expenses, for instance, such as voice, text and snapping an image of the receipt, there’s no reason to lose track of your incidental spending.


Key Features:

  • View projected bank balance
  • Receive text messages detailing your available budget balance
  • Get reminders when bills are due
  • Enter expenses by voice command
  • Capture images with your smartphone to store expenses
  • Track holiday savings, kids’ allowances and more
  • Ensure security with 256-bit SSL encryption


Cost: $5.58+ per month


14. LearnVest



LearnVest doesn’t just want to prevent you from overspending; it wants to help you become financially savvy and in-control of your financial future.  With a powerful set of tools and a 7-step program to make managing your finances simple, you’ll learn to set up a budget using the 50/20/30 rule. If you choose, you can opt for a paid plan and get personal, one-on-one help from a LearnVest Planner – an expert who helps configure a personal financial strategy based on your unique circumstances. Choose from one of three financial planning tracks: Portfolio Builder, 5-Year Planner, or Budget Starter, and LearnVest will meet you at your existing point on the curve and guide you forward.


Key Features:

  • Receive guidance from experts
  • Work with your own LearnVest Planner
  • Accept challenges to prove your financial prowess
  • Add your transactions on-the-go
  • Set goals and monitor progress
  • Track your savings and expenses
  • Link accounts to the app securely



  • FREE standard app
  • Portfolio Builder: $19.99/month (+ $399 one-time setup fee)
  • 5-Year Planner: $19.99/month (+$299 one-time setup fee)
  • Budget Starter: $19/month (+$89 one-time setup fee)

15. You Need a Budget



A cloud-based budget planning app compatible with Windows desktop, iOS and Android devices, you can stay in control of your spending and your personal financial bottom line with You Need a Budget (YNAB). Because it’s hosted in the cloud, you get the advantage of always up-to-date data regardless of what device you’re using at the time. YNAB operates on four basic rules of budgeting and financial management, offering tools designed to support this ideology along with free, online courses you can take to learn key strategies for saving and budgeting effectively. With a unified account view and tons of reporting options, YNAB offers a full view of your financial picture coupled with in-depth analysis of your habits and spending trends, so you can make smarter decisions about your money.


Key Features:

  • Keep your data safe with PIN access
  • Create different budgets for personal and business use
  • Sync with all your devices
  • View transaction data on various accounts
  • Unified account view shows all data in a single dashboard
  • Spending quick-view
  • Powerful search for locating specific transactions
  • Schedule transactions for recurring bills
  • Embed notes in-context with transactions


Cost: FREE


16. Smart Receipts PRO


Smart Receipts PRO allows you to track your expenses by saving receipts, creating PDF reports, and tracking receipt data. The app is flexible, allowing you to organize and export data on your own terms. It’s also ad-free, providing a cleaner dashboard and a more pleasant user experience. It will cost you $2.99, but most are happy to pay a few bucks to eliminate advertisements.


Key Features:

  • Create expense reports for business or personal use
  • Expense report price tracking
  • Track expenses in different currencies
  • Customize CSV output
  • Customize your receipt categories
  • Smart category selection based on time of day


Cost: $2.99


17. iXpenseIt



iXpenselt makes monthly budgeting and daily expense tracking simple. The app allows you to store receipt data in a snap, enter your expenses on-the-go, and view reports to learn where your money is going and where you can save. With financial information stored within the context of a calendar view for easy tracking and graphical reports in bar or pie chart formats, along with a detailed, customized monthly budget with categories and resource allocation for easy monitoring throughout the month, you just might find budgeting fun with iXpenselt.


Key Features:

  • Receive daily reminders
  • View income, cash flow, and budget data
  • Get account balance updates
  • Manage your money in various currencies
  • Graph and pie charts to visualize data
  • Set broad budgets, goals and monthly category budgets
  • Keep your data safe with backup options and password protection


Cost: $4.99


18. Debt Manager

Debt Manager delivers features that help you budget your money and pay off your debt faster. With the app, you can learn about debt payment methods, view monthly payment breakdowns, and test trial scenarios to see the results of various payment options. You can also keep tabs on your progress and watch your balances deplete with the “My Debts” dashboard view. Find other similar apps by this developer, like Spending Tracker, on their website.


Key Features:

  • Get reports on how much you’re saving
  • Gain access to debt management hints and tips
  • Create pay off scenarios to see which one is best for you
  • Record monthly payments
  • Backup and restore your data
  • Use integrated calculators to compute financial scenarios


Cost: $0.99


19. Expense Manager


Break the cycle of paycheck-to-paycheck with the Expense Manager app. Record daily expenses, organize expenses into categories, and gain access to statistics and insights to help you spend your money smarter. You can set monthly spending limits in specific categories to hold yourself accountable for limiting excessive spending, and view your progress over time with expense history reports and charts and graphs to illustrate the trends.


Key Features:

  • Enjoy an ad-free interface
  • Manage monthly over-heads
  • Set monthly budget limits
  • Expense history reports
  • Filter by category and view distribution
  • Spreadsheet exports
  • Group expenses by week, month, year
  • Backup and restore your data


Cost: FREE


20. One Touch Expenser


One Touch Expenser makes tracking your family’s budget easier than ever. You can work as a team, with your spouse or older children contributing to the effort by entering their own expenses when they’re on the go. It’s easy to make sure you don’t forget to enter transaction details, too; just note that you’ve made a transaction and the app will prompt you to enter more details later.


Key Features:

  • Backup your data on the developer’s website
  • Record expenses when you have the time
  • Receive reminders to record expenses and pay bills
  • Income and expense summaries
  • Detailed summary pages
  • View charts to manage your finances visually
  • Receive deep analysis reports by tagging transactions


Cost: FREE


21. Toshl



Toshl is a laid-back app that makes budgeting fun while still offering useful features to help keep you on the straight-and-narrow of your predefined budget and help you develop valuable budgeting skills. Toshl helps you see where your money is going and what you can afford to help you stick to your budget. With useful budgets and rich, fun data visualizations, Toshl lets you manipulate graphs and charts to view your data in different ways.


Key Features:

  • Create a budget in several currencies
  • Secure your account with password protection
  • Export your data
  • Configure recurring transactions for reminders
  • Recurring expenses included in financial reports
  • Organize your budget daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly
  • Opt for the Pro app and get access to the Toshl web interface
  • Export expenses by tag or other filters
  • Setup monthly email reports
  • Search your expense history
  • Advanced, sophisticated and fun graphs



  • FREE
  • Pro: $19.99 one-time payment ( access + other features)

22. Money by Jumsoft




Money by Jumsoft helps you take the first steps toward financial freedom. Conveniently track your expenses, manage your budget, and schedule transactions. The app also offers 13 different reporting options and more advanced features, such as investment tracking, so you can continue to grow financially even after your budget is on track. You can configure and monitor multiple accounts, setup target earnings and savings goals and monitor your status in real-time with the Budget Monitor bars.


Key Features:

  • Save your data with cloud storage
  • Track savings and income between multiple users
  • Secure your data with passwords
  • View automatically updated data
  • Track different types of accounts
  • Investment tracking
  • Integrates with Foursquare for simpler expense tracking
  • Syncs with Dropbox
  • 13 different reports
  • Check printing service to streamline bill-paying
  • Smart Scheduler for recurring payments and reminders


Cost: $38.99


23. iReconcile




Gain complete control over your finances and total visibility into your precise financial health at any time by tracking your expenses, savings, and overall budget in iReconcile. With rich graphics, pie charts and other reporting tools and formats to not only know what the numbers are, but have a clear picture in your head that illustrates precisely how much money you’re overspending in certain categories, you’ll be better able to resist unnecessary spending. View your income and expenses, profit and loss reports, and a variety of other details with robust reporting, set your goals and limits in the Budget module use a familiar, check register-like tool to record all your transactions.  iReconcile also includes options for customizing the way information is displayed.


Key Features:

  • Generate interactive expense and profit reports
  • Schedule expenses to post automatically
  • Sync services across devices
  • Web Portal enables you to manage your data online
  • Backup and export your data
  • Search and edit transactions from one screen


Cost: $2.99


24. Doxo



Doxo takes all your accounts and puts them in one place, including your documents and email. With it, you’ll be able to pay and organize your bills while enjoying this paperless option for managing your monthly expenses. When you configure your various accounts, services and lenders with Doxo, you can even have statements sent directly to the app instead of through the postal service.


Key Features:

  • Create a personal directory
  • Store receipt photos, insurance cards, invoices, etc.
  • Backup your data on the cloud
  • Store account numbers, passwords, etc.
  • Contact companies straight from the app
  • Receive and pay bills within the app using DoxoPAY
  • Track payment history


Cost: FREE


25. PocketMoney



PocketMoney does more than simply tracking your cash flow. It also monitors your spending habits and calculates your net worth. With intuitive list views, reports and calculators, and the option to use both the web app and the mobile app, managing your finances becomes a streamlined, smooth process rather than a frustrating, disjointed scramble to get payments in the mail. Visit PocketMoney’s website to find other great finance apps from this developer, such as their CheckPlease tip calculator.


Key Features:

  • Sync between devices
  • Create and control a budget
  • Customizable budgets: daily, weekly, monthly, etc.
  • Rollover budgeting
  • Gain access to customer support
  • Add transactions on-the-go
  • Store an unlimited number of accounts
  • Customize filters, accounts, and transaction preferences
  • View custom reports


Cost: $4.99


26. HomeBudget


HomeBudget helps you manage your expenses with a sophisticated app that helps you track every purchase and transaction, categorize it appropriately and analyze data with sleek, attractive graphics to illustrate your monetary distribution. The best part about the app is that you can sync it across your family’s devices so you can all keep up with expenses using the same account information. Anishu, the company that develops HomeBudget, also offers a number of other financial-related applications, such as DebtStrategy, MortgagesPro and BizExpense.


Key Features:

  • Use family sync features
  • Discover integrated budget tools
  • Create reoccurring expenses
  • Make and track payments
  • Upload your own category icons
  • Rich graphics and data visualizations
  • Sleek, clean user interface
  • Calendar view


Cost: $5.99


27. AceBudget


Set up an unlimited amount of budgets in any category with the AceBudget app. Create budgets for each daily, weekly, semi-monthly, monthly, and yearly period. You can also view your previous payments, schedule payments, and export your data, and with a user-friendly, intuitive dashboard, it’s easy to spot where you’re overspending and where you can afford to trim a bit off of your budget to reallocate funds.


Key Features:

  • Sync with iCloud
  • Use other apps with this one still open
  • Print reports directly from your mobile device
  • Store photo receipts
  • Stay secure with password protection
  • Transfer funds from one budget to another


Cost: $0.99


28. Money Book



With a user-friendly interface coupled with powerful tools, Money Book is a wonderful personal finance app. Create custom categories, view your statistics, and create income and expense reports. The ability to add notes to transactions is helpful for noting anything out of the ordinary or of importance, and can also come in handy if you report business expenses and need to describe the business use of the purchase.


Key Features:

  • Protect your data with password protection
  • Simple thermometer view indicates your budget status
  • Add notes to each transaction
  • Create custom categories
  • More than 40 custom icons to choose from
  • Export your data
  • Create reoccurring monthly transactions
  • View interactive charts
  • Monthly and annual chart views


Cost: $3.41 (CHF 3.00)


29. Balance




An app for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, Balance is a simple app with a streamlined user interface, designed to replace the standard, paperbased balance register many people use to keep their checking accounts in-balance.  Keep tabs on all your account balances for a clear, overall picture of your financial health in a single, intuitive application.


Key Features:

  • Prioritize activities
  • Enjoy flexibility and customized features
  • Track your progress with timelines
  • Stay motivated through Balance’s helpful guide



  • FREE
  • Pro version: $2.99 (enables recurring transactions and other features)


30. Balance Forecasting


Wouldn’t it be great if you could predict your financial future? Balance Forecasting is about as close as you’ll ever get. Stay on top of your projected finances the same way you would the weather with the Balance Forecasting app. The app allows you to create a detailed view of your financial future based on your monthly expenses. In addition, you can use the app to track your upcoming bills and see what would happen in what-if situations.


Key Features:

  • Forecast for up to 30 years in the future
  • Track your upcoming bills with a calendar feature
  • Filter your items to get more detailed reports
  • Never provide bank or credit card info so you know your accounts are secure
  • Upgrade to the pro version to gain access to calendar, customizable themes, backup options, long-term forecasting, graphs, and multiple account support



  • FREE
  • Pro version: $19.99 (multiple accounts, 7 color themes, graphs and forecast filtering)


31. WalletWhiz



With WalletWhiz, you’ll discover a simple solution to monitoring your spending habits. The app opens you to a user-friendly world that allows you to manage your budget through calendar and category options. The application developer, Numlock, offers a variety of other apps, including WalletWhiz Lite for those who want to try it out for free.


Key Features:

  • Track your expenses and income in your favorite format—either calendar or category view
  • Set up different budgets for each month or week
  • Plan ahead for larger expenses, such as school tuition
  • Export your transaction data
  • Secure your account through password protection


Cost: $0.99


32. Spendily


Spendily makes it simple to manage your budget. It boasts user-friendly interactive tools, such as the interactive, digital check register that mimics the traditional paper style but makes documentation a lot more fun and less error-prone than the paper-and-pencil method. Track your accounts, share information with other users, and create spending reports to monitor your budget to get started on the road to financial success.


Key Features:

  • Use in single or multi-user mode
  • Enjoy the checkbook register feature
  • Generate spending reports
  • Track multiple accounts
  • Enter data while offline
  • Use GPS tracking to monitor where you’re filing entries


Cost: FREE


33. BudgetSimple



BudgetSimple delivers the tools you need to monitor your budget, get out of debt, and build your wealth. Track where your money is going, receive suggestions on where you could save, and start saving in the simplest way possible. If you’re faced with a large amount of debt and don’t know where to begin to try to pay it down, BudgetSimple is an easy-to-implement tool that will help you create and maintain a clear plan.


Key Features:

  • Free Budget Planner
  • Detailed Budget Solution
  • Receive reports on your expenses
  • Get tips on how to better save
  • Categorize your expenses
  • Link your bank accounts for reconciliation
  • Try the free online app before you buy



  • FREE (online only – no mobile app)
  • $4.99/month

34. PearBudget



PearBudget makes managing finances simple, helping you stress less and save money. Categories are fully customizable, and you can add as many as you want. Plus, the software is flexible, allowing you to account for any irregular spending you do monthly. The program is designed to be user-friendly and simple even if you’re not tech savvy, but you can check it out free for 30 days to decide for yourself.


Key Features:

  • Create and manage a fully customizable budget
  • Secure your data
  • Automatically backup your information
  • Export your data
  • Organize your budget with tags, categories, and more


Cost: $4.95 per month


35. BudgetTracker



BudgetTracker takes the hassle out of creating a budget, giving you a simple tool to get out—and stay out—of debt. Keep track of all your accounts from one screen, and don’t worry about forgetting to add reoccurring income and payments since you can set up automatic updates. The sophisticated interface provides in-depth views of your financial stats and spending habits, yet it’s intuitive and incredibly user-friendly.


Key Features:

  • Keep your account information secure without having to enter sensitive information
  • Manage your business through project planning, invoices, and other tools
  • Create a custom calendar to view income, bills, and transactions
  • Get reminders when bills are due
  • Stay on top of your life with tasks and schedules
  • Graphs and charts to forecast financials and other information
  • Variety of built-in business management tools, such as CRM, time sheets and expense reporting


Cost: FREE


36. BudgetPulse



BudgetPulse delivers everything you need to manage your finances in one place. Track your expenses, bank accounts, savings, and more straight from the program. Divide your cash flow into categories to allocate a portion of your budget to different areas of your life, such as household expenses or insurance. You can even create savings goals, share them with friends, and take donations with BudgetPulse. With streamlined reporting and rich data visualizations to show off your financial data in charts and graphs, using BudgetPulse is more fun than it is a chore.


Key Features:

  • Set savings goals
  • Keep your accounts secure without sharing your info
  • Start a fundraising campaign
  • Instantly import and export your data
  • Discover where to cut back to increase savings
  • Use budgeting and other money-management tools


Cost: FREE


37. SavedPlus




If you’re one of those people that just can’t bring yourself to hang onto savings, even if you’ve managed to put some extra cash in the bank a few times? SavedPlus is the answer to your frustrations providing an automated method for saving when you make everyday purchases. You’re not actively making a choice at the time of purchase, so you can trick your sneaky subconscious into saving some dough. Users are saving about $350 per month, on average, with SavedPlus. Connect with over 3,500 US banks so that every time you make a transaction, you automatically save a percentage of the purchase price (which you can customize). You don’t have to give it another thought.


Key Features:

  • Ensure your information is secure with encrypted data
  • Use the web portal, mobile app or both
  • Set customized percentages on how much to save per transaction
  • Set up only certain transactions to result in savings
  • Track your savings
  • Build an emergency fund or save for a big-ticket wish list purchase
  • Save enough to make your credit card payment each month, invest or donate


Cost: FREE



@wallabycard allows you to maximize your rewards when shopping online by making sure you never miss out on bonuses or can’t-miss deals. Connect your card to your other credit cards. When you make a purchase using the card, it will calculate which of your other credit cards will give you the best deal, and then it makes the purchase with that best credit card. Average users save around $200 per year since makes getting the most out of your rewards simple. offers other solutions, too, such as BOOST, which analyzes your credit card mix against goals you specify and identifies the best card for you to use on a regular basis.


Key Features:

  • Stop worrying about which card to use to get the best rewards
  • Find local shops running deals on your credit cards
  • Connect to all your credit card accounts
  • Only pay your regular credit card bills without having to worry about fees
  • apps for Pebble and Glass
  • Browser extension to save money and maximize rewards on your desktop


Cost: FREE


39. FutureAdvisor




Meet the guide you need to help you on your investment journey. With FutureAdvisor, you’ll receive investment management tools catered to your personal needs. You’ll work with an investment advisor who takes academically sound investment principles and applies them to your specific financial situation. With a robust set of beliefs about maximizing long-term savings through investment strategies, you can get access to a valued expert for a fraction of the cost of a financial advisor.


Key Features:

  • Enjoy a tax-optimized, custom portfolio design
  • Tax loss harvesting
  • Periodic review and rebalancing to ensure optimization
  • Most customers portfolios are reviewed quarterly
  • Save money on investment fees
  • Access your investments from anywhere
  • Receive customer support


Cost: 0.5% of assets managed


40. Simple




Simple is as simple as its name makes it sound. Instead of managing difficult bank accounts, Simple offers online-only banking with low fees. You’ll receive a Visa card that makes managing your money easy by allowing you to monitor your account from your mobile, access 55,000 fee-free ATMs, use saving and budgeting tools, and deposit checks with a photo.


Key Features:

  • Transfer money instantly (and for free)
  • Gain access to customer service options
  • Monitor your accounts and your budget
  • Create financial goals
  • Stay on top of your bills
  • Don’t worry about unexpected fees


Cost: FREE


41. WealthFront




Discover how easy it is to build wealth with WealthFront’s investment advising tools. This fast-growing, automated investment service helps you manage your investments without the headache. The app delivers investment management advice and performance charts without account minimums or high fees.


Key Features:

  • Track your investment performance
  • Gain access to financial experts and advice
  • View investment history across various accounts
  • Maximize your gains with passive investing
  • Measure your risk tolerance automatically


Cost: 0.25% annual management fee


42. Spendings

Spendings allows you to track day-to-day expenses so you never overspend. You’ll get detailed reports on how much money you have left in your budget and what you can afford. If you think recording every single cup of coffee is too cumbersome, Spendings simplifies it so much that it takes less than 10 seconds to record a transaction.


Key Features:

  • Use location services to track your purchases
  • Record expenses in less than 10 seconds
  • Record income, expenses, edit and delete records
  • Export your data
  • Track expenses in various currencies
  • Protect your data with a password
  • Rollover your balance


Cost: $1.99


43. Simplee ONE




Anyone with a chronic condition, disability or had a hospital stay lasting more than a day or two knows all too well what a struggle it is trying to keep track of all your medical expenses, let alone analyze your statements to make sure you’re not being charged for something totally off-the-wall. Simplee ONE makes it easy to manage your medical bills. With it, you’ll always know how much you owe, and it makes tracking your expenses for tax purposes easy.


Key Features:

  • Lower your health care costs with medical insight
  • Medical, dental and vision organized in one location
  • See your bills and when they’re due
  • Pay bills directly from your mobile device
  • Track your out-of-pocket expenses
  • Get tips, alerts and reminders
  • Access your coverage plan to better understand your coverage
  • Track your payment history
  • Keep notes, tag and bookmark claims for reference
  • Visual reporting shows totals and category breakdowns
  • Easily determine if you meet the healthcare tax deduction threshold


Cost: FREE


44. GoodBudget

Create a budget that actually works using the envelope method with GoodBudget. You’ll get access to user-friendly budget tools while being able to save for big expenses, share your budget with the people who matter, and track your bank balances. Designed with the everyday user in mind, GoodBudget isn’t painstaking to use; it meshes pretty easily with your regular routines.


Key Features:

  • Schedule reoccurring transactions
  • Sync with other devices so you can share with family and friends
  • Avoid double-dipping into an envelope with shared access
  • Receive location-based suggestions
  • Break your budget into categories
  • Allocate portions of your budget per category
  • Split transactions
  • Monitor your budget
  • Import your bank statements


Cost: FREE


45. Budget Planner

Budget Planner is different from other budgeting apps where it delivers budget forecasting in a calendar view. Sync your budget with family and friends, track your expenses, and figure out how much money you’ll have left in your budget on any day of the month. With your balance displayed in the calendar view every day, you’ll minimize your risk of overdrawing your account.


Key Features:

  • Use five different financial calculators
  • View charts and reports on your history
  • Customizable settings
  • Multitasking
  • Bar Charts, Pie Charts, Plots, and Reports
  • Perform money transfers
  • Take notes on transactions
  • Set up bill reminders and push notifications
  • Schedule transactions
  • Export your data


Cost: $1.99


46. Slice




Slice is the perfect app for tracking and analyzing your spending habits. Stay organized by recording what you bought, where you bought it, and when. You’ll also get alerts when items you’ve bought drop in price so you can make up the difference. Plus, you can access your data from your app or the web.


Key Features:

  • Track your packages
  • Organize your purchases
  • View what you’re buying and how much you’re spending
  • Get notifications when shipments are on their way


Cost: FREE


47. Smart Budget 2

Smart Budget 2 helps you stay on track of your budget. Sync between devices to always stay on top of your budget, track your budget in various currencies, and store your day-to-day expense data. You don’t have to worry about keeping meticulous folder systems and storing receipts for years with Smart Budget 2, because you can conduct a full-text search to find any transaction.


Key Features:

  • Use in multiple languages and currencies
  • Syncdata with iCloud
  • Create shopping lists for projects using sheets
  • Day-to-day operations stored in a single sheet
  • Export your data
  • Move data between sheets and accounts


Cost: FREE


48. MoneyDance

MoneyDance makes personal finance easy. Perform all your finance operations from a single program, including monitoring and managing your bank account, paying bills, and tracking your investments. Configure reports for graphical data views, plan a monthly, quarterly or annual budget and always have a clear view of where you stand with a single interface aggregating data from multiple accounts and financial institutions.


Key Features:

  • Mange your accounts in multiple currencies
  • View graphs of your historical data
  • Account register to record, categorize and tag transactions
  • Set up reminders so you never miss a payment
  • Perform online banking functions from the program


Cost: $49.99


49. MoneyWell




Manage your budget and spending through the envelope method with MoneyWell. Directly connect with your bank account to track your cash flow, and review your budget balances before making a purchase. MoneyWell is compatible with the iPad and Mac only, while the MoneyWell Express app is compatible with the iPod touch and iPhone so you can access your financial stats from any of your iOS devices. NoThirst Software, the company that develops MoneyWell, also makes an app just for those who found themselves in credit card debt – the DebtQuencher, with a systematic plan to get you out of debt in short order.


Key Features:

  • Review your account activity from anywhere
  • Securely sync your data
  • View data breakdowns over the last year
  • Share account data with others


Cost: FREE


50. SmartyPig




SmartyPig is the best type of piggy bank, helping you save for a rainy day or for larger purchases.  Create goals and redeem rewards all while saving smartly.


Key Features:

  • Create and track goals
  • Set up automatic funds transfer
  • Ensure account security with FDIC Insured accounts
  • Redeem rewards


Cost: FREE


What apps do you rely on to manage your day-to-day finances? Did you discover a fantastic investment app or a tool to help you get a handle on the credit-card lifestyle? A totally off-the-wall but ingenious method for tricking yourself into a savings plan? Whatever apps and tools are assisting you on a path to financial success, tell us about them in the comments below.


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