3 Ways Working Capital Can Spruce Up Your Business This Spring

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There’s no such thing as a bad time for a working capital loan.  There are, after all, dozens – if not hundreds – of uses for this flexible type of financing. Of any time of year, though, the spring months might be one of our favorite times to take advantage of all that a working capital loan* has to offer.

Spring is a time that signals a fresh start for many businesses, especially for us here in New England as we’re finally thawing out after a long cold winter.  Here are some great ways to make use of working capital financing to breathe some new life into your small business.

1. Do some Spring cleaning. If you’ve had a busy winter, there’s a chance that you haven’t had much time to keep up with tedious maintenance projects around your business.  A working capital loan could be just the thing to help you cover the cost of hiring a cleaning crew or regular landscaper to come by to give your location a bit of a facelift before the summer is in full swing.

2. Tackle a big project. Help your customers take advantage of the warmer weather by using working capital financing to fund some outdoor seating for your restaurant or to finally repave your beat up parking lot.  Working capital can help you get all those big projects done that you’ve been waiting for all winter – there’s really no better time than the spring to get down to business.

3. Take on some additional help. If the spring time is going to be a busy for your business, consider a working capital loan to help you hire on some new seasonal employees.  Working capital can be used for almost any business expense, and new hires are no exception.  One of the best way to ensure you’re able to provide great customer service to your customers during a busy season is ensuring you have an adequate number of employees to handle the rush.

What are you hoping to accomplish this spring?  Are you going to be using any working capital financing to help you accomplish it?  We’d love to hear about it!

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*Working capital not available in the following states: AK, DE, ND, VT