RFDC And Restaurant Growth In 2012

RFDC Conference
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As a leading franchise and restaurant lender, Direct Capital is tapped in to the industry. We’re also here to help restaurants with everything from getting back on their feet to reaching new heights.

It’s in that spirit, we’re attending the Restaurant Finance & Development Conference starting on November 12th. It’s a terrific conference, always informative and chock-full of members of the restaurant industry and those who help them. We’re so fond of it that we’re actually a premier sponsor for the entire event.

It’s a great opportunity to hear from experts, finance firms and restaurants, and that shared knowledge can be awfully valuable. We know we’re looking forward to hearing from everyone there, and bringing back an even deeper understanding of what the needs are in the industry. More than that, though, we’ll want to understand how the industry will grow in 2012, and how that jibes with the economic outlook.

Generally speaking, the news has been bright for restaurants. The industry has seen roughly over 6% growth from 2011 to today, which is an important economic indicator in its own right. When people aren’t doing well financially, they don’t go out to eat. We’re seeing what happens when the two recover hand-in-hand, even if it’s exceedingly modest in the case of the economy overall.

We’ll have a more in-depth look at what the industry and our economy might look like in 2013. Suffice to say for now, good things lie ahead for our nation’s restaurants.

Are you going to RFDC? If so, we look forward to seeing you there!

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