One Thing Every Small Business Owner Must Understand About Financing

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There is one thing you need to understand about financing for your business.


You have options that range from the type of financing, the term length, to the uses for your financing.

Work with your financial lender to choose the options that are best for your business. There are 2 financing options small businesses can use depending on their situation.

Working Capital Loans*

Equipment Leasing

On top of the type of financing options you also have the option of term length. Most financing gives you a term length between 30 days and 72 months. The one exception is with a working capital loan, the term length is shorter; 30 days to 18 months.

A working capital loan can be used for the same purposes:

–          Purchase Inventory

–          Equipment/technology

–          Cash Flow Management

–          Marketing

–          Capital Supplementation

–          Unexpected Opportunity

Equipment Financing is always used for specific needs:

–          Computer hardware

–          Software

–          POS Terminals

–          Heavy Equipment

–          Fleet Vehicles

–          Capital Equipment

Always make sure you discuss all of your options with your lender so your financing matches the needs of your business.

Direct Capital knows that every business has its own unique needs. We provide the most comprehensive lending options. Apply online now to find the best option for your business.

*Working capital not available in the following states: AK, DE, ND, VT