How to Serve a Financing FEAST

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Tis’ the season of giving – or in your case selling. But selling isn’t always easy. This time of year can be especially hard on businesses that need to preserve their cash for other uses. Offering financing for your products and services can ease that burden for them while also helping you sell more.

But the entire B2B financing process has traditionally been slow and complicated. You need a finance program – and a lender – that is agile and convenient; one that will connect your customers to payment options that work for them.

Introducing Direct Capital’s financing FEAST – payment options better served hot, but that are available today, tomorrow, and all year round!


The year is coming to a close and you want to make every sale count to hit your revenue goals. And your customers do too, as they will not only reap the tax benefits of financing equipment but they can also use it to drive in more revenue and finish the year strong. There is no time for a lengthy financing process.

Direct Capital’s vendor finance program is fast. It takes 3 minutes to apply online- from any web-connected device and your customers can receive an approval in as little as 30 seconds.

Financing Feast_E

Finding and organizing pages of financial documents or credit statements can be time consuming and exhausting. We get it – you may have overlooked this option in the past because you didn’t want to go through the process. But Direct Capital makes it easy.

Our three minute application is all we need when applying for $150,000 or less to finance equipment with no burdensome financial reviews. We want to make the process as easy as possible so both you and your customers can focus on what matters for your business.

Financing Feast_A

Every one of your B2B customers will be different from the last, so you have to be flexible enough to meet their needs. You know to offer products and services that will work for them in any situation. And you’ll want a payment solution that will do the same.

Our program is built to be agile so we can give more customers exactly what they need. We offer flexible payment options to meet each individual business’ cash flow needs. We offer seasonal and deferred payments while also providing a ‘Design Your Own Deal’ option.

When your customers design their own financing deal, they can choose any payment term that works for them.

Financing Feast_S

Technology has become the center of (almost) everyone’s world. Being able to check emails and bank accounts at a moment’s notice anywhere you are makes being – and working – on the go even easier. We wanted our financing process to be just as simple.

Direct Capital provides an e-doc feature that allows you to sign and return the application online – no paper docs required. Our online lending platform truly puts you in control. Access your payment tools and online tracking anytime, anywhere, and on any device.

Financing Feast_T

Every morsel of your financing feast is available as soon as you need it. The sooner you can begin managing your finance program, the faster you can take advantage of more sales opportunities. Bringing your finance program online takes only seconds and you can start as soon as today.

You, your team, and your customers all deserve a seat at the financing table, and our solution is a simple win/win.

Financing Feast Chart 2

Trust us – there is no better time to offer easy, fast and affordable payment options to your customers. Remember, it’s Fast, Easy, Agile, Simple, and is available Today. Start boosting more sales, closing deals faster, and serve a financing feast that your customers will love.

Financing Feast Chart 2