Financing With A Bow On It: Getting Ready For The Holidays

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The holidays are busy times for most of us, as I’ve noted before. Going into such a busy time unprepared is never a good idea.

I mean that in any number of ways, but you know your business well enough to drag out the decorations, win over customers and get enough employees out onto the floor. But what happens if you need supplies or new equipment and you can’t quite stretch your dollars to get there?

I’ll answer that the best I can, first by noting some of the kinds of needs that crop up this time of year, and then with a potential solution.

The Holiday Need

Your needs will likely vary greatly. If you’re a retail business, chances are you have to throw yourself into every holiday at a million miles an hour, keying on Christmas or Halloween or Thanksgiving-related promotions and ensuring you have the hot holiday products available. For that, you may need a wide variety of financing, aimed at marketing, decorating and scooping up product.

If you’re in the trucking business, meanwhile, you may have a lot more goods to ship, but no have to wear a Santa hat to do it. Your efforts are going to be aimed at ensuring you have the drivers, the tuned-up vehicles and the plan to get everything where it needs to go.


The Gift Of Financing

If you need financing fast to get supplies, extra help or just a great deal on inventory, you can turn a few different places. If you’ve got the cash on hand, by all means, turn to that. But if you don’t, you may want to go to a small business lender.

Direct Capital is one of those lenders. We can offer you the business financing you need to make for a fantastic holiday season. If you want to learn more, check out the link earlier in this paragraph.

What are your plans for the holiday season?

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