Financing at the ISA Expo

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The sign industry is growing and evolving. Digitally printed products are produced by 97% of sign and graphics producers.

There is great new technology available in the sign industry. More than 68% of companies are entirely digital or mostly digital. By attending the ISA Expo you will be able to see the new technology that exists and is contributing to such a growing industry.

Direct Capital will be attending the International Sign Association Expo (ISA Expo) for the first time on April 23. The 2013 ISA Sign Expo was ranked one of the nation’s top trade shows.  This year the expo is taking place in Orlando Florida. With 600 exhibitors there is sure to be a lot for attendees to learn and see.

Expand your knowledge at the ISA Sign Expo!

During the Expo attendees will be able to go to different conference sessions. If you haven’t added them to your expo plan yet here are a few to consider:

–          4/23 9:30 a.m. : Save Money and Increase Efficiency with Project Management

–          4/23 2:30 p.m. : The Art and Craft of Selling Dynamic Digital Signage to Your Clients

–          4/24 11:00 a.m. : How to Estimate and Price Signs

–          4/25 11:30 a.m. : How to Get the Job at Your Price

–          4/25 2:30 p.m. : Making the Numbers Work


With hundreds of vendors at the ISA Sign Expo you are bound to see something you like that you believe will benefit your small business. Save your credit line and finance your purchase instead. Our reps will be available to discuss different options with you and work on making a payment that suits your budget.

The importance of signage for your business:

–          Signage is the most effective and least expensive form of advertising.

–          Signage can be responsible for 50% of your customers.

–          Signage is an investment that will pay a return many times over.


Direct Capital will be providing onsite financing. If you are attending be sure to see us at Booth 1712. We will also be giving out piggy banks, be sure to pick yours up.

We will be LIVE tweeting during the expo, be sure to follow us and tweet with us @DirectCapital.


Are you one of the vendors that will be at the expo?

Don’t lose potential customers because they can’t afford the equipment. Remind attendees that they can receive financing onsite at Booth 1712. Better yet, be prepared and start offering financing through Direct Capital. Set up an account today.