Direct Capital Reviews: Back Street Grill

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“The Best Part Was the Hands On, One-on-One Connection”

As a restaurant or small business owner, your main goal is to please your customers. And sometimes the best way to do that is by purchasing new equipment that will enhance the customer experience. That was exactly the case for James Paquette, the owner of Back Street Grill in Sanford, Maine.

James received financing from Direct Capital to help make improvements to his restaurant and continue to win over customers in the Sanford area.

Direct Capital spoke with James about his experience working with us and here’s what he had to say, “The best thing about it was the hands on, one-on-one connection that you have with a sales rep. At the drop of a dime I can pick up the phone and talk to my rep directly. Direct Capital has that one-on-one connection with a local business.”

James was able to use the funding he received for positive marketing and said the money was utilized to help benefit the customers with the improvements that he made. He  purchased equipment for his restaurant that would ultimately improve the customer experience – like new, more readable menus, seating, lighting, centerpieces, and more.

“I was able to utilize the cash, budget it, stay consistent with it, understand what’s coming in, and use it for positive marketing whether it be new menus, centerpieces, or candleholders,” he said, “Anything the guest sees that makes a difference and shows that you care about your business. That goes a long way.”

If you’re like James and need help financing your business to increase the customer experience, then check out our Financing Options page today!