MB3 Construction Relies on Equipment Financing to Construct a Growing Business

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Keith Bandecchi knows a thing or two about growing a business.

“It started out as a small construction company back in the summer of 2006. As things grew, we realized there may be a need for equipment rentals in our area so we branched out into that business with some of the machines we owned,” Bandecchi said.

Now, just six short years later, MB3 Construction, a company that he currently runs with business partner Brian Briggs, in Manchester, NH, has grown and diversified. Other related companies also include Eastpoint Equipment Rentals, MB3 Realty, and CrossRoads Collision.

Any business owner will tell you that growth of that magnitude doesn’t come without its challenges. Bandecchi knew that in order for the company to expand, they would need more equipment for the rental part of the business. Direct Capital was the first call they made.

It’s a call they’ve made three times since for equipment leases for heavy construction equipment like excavators and loaders.

“Direct Capital’s always competitive rates and great customer service made it really easy for us to keep coming back,” he told me.

He says the ease of working with their account manager, David Quinn, was a big part of the appeal.

“Dave gave us all the answers we were looking for whenever we had a question. I felt like he really went to bat for us and took great care of us.”

Bandecchi says he plans on getting Quinn on the phone again very soon, as the company continues to grow. “We are going to need some more equipment,” he said.

Growth has been great these past few years for these two business owners and it’s clear Bandecchi and Briggs have what it takes to keep on thriving.

His advice to other small business owners out there is simple.

“You just have to always be willing to do whatever it takes.”