How Direct Capital’s Franchise Financing Keeps Denny’s Up-to-Date

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Judy Barreras knows a lot about the restaurant business. You could even say that it’s in her blood.

Her father was in the restaurant business when she was very young, and she started in the business as a waitress at Denny’s back in 1977.

Several years later she bought her first Denny’s franchise in West Texas. Now, despite coming from humble beginnings, she is quite literally living the franchise dream with seven Denny’s franchises and three Weinersnitchels.

With a collection of 10 franchise locations, there is almost a constant need for upgrading and remodeling, an undertaking that can only be compared to something like painting the Golden Gate Bridge. It’s never ending. And as I’m sure you can imagine, those equipment upgrades and all of that updating often does not come cheap.

That’s why she sought out Direct Capital.

“I’ve used other lenders in the past, but with you guys, I love the ease of the process,” Barreras said. “I’m a busy franchise owner. I don’t have a lot of time and energy to worry about financing. Direct Capital does everything for me and I just have to worry about signing the paperwork.”

That easy process is what has kept her coming back to Direct Capital time and time again – so far, Direct Capital has helped her to with several equipment upgrades and the remodeling of two of her Denny’s franchises. The great relationship she has with her account manager, Jeff Matos, doesn’t hurt either.

“I absolutely love his friendliness and his ability to just take care of everything,” Barreras said.

Barreras’s franchise work may be never-ending, but luckily Direct Capital is here to help. She is planning on coming back very soon for more financing to help with another remodel as well as a total rebuild project, she told me.

Despite the challenges, Barraras’s projects are really labors of love. When asked what advice she has for other potential franchisees, she paused for moment.

“You have to love what you do. That’s most important. ”