4 Big Ways to Conserve Energy at Your Small Business

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Every small business owner knows how to pinch pennies.  When it comes to small business success, sometimes it’s just a matter of making every dollar count and cutting down on waste.  As we head into the summer months, when many businesses will crank the air conditioner up to full blast, it’s easy to watch a good portion of your hard earned dollars come straight out of your wallet and into your utility bills.

To help keep your electric bills down during the warm months, we’ve got some great small business energy saving tips.

Have all of your employees power down. Make sure everything electronic gets turned off at the end of the day – especially over the weekend.   You may even want to invest in several of the new “smart power strips,”  power strips that can sense when an appliance is not in use and will automatically shut off all phantom power, to maximize your savings.

Always use appliances to their fullest capability. If you’re using a washing machine or a dishwasher at your small business, take care to ensure that you’re doing full loads as opposed to several small loads throughout the day.  Chances are there are several appliances throughout your small business where you could maximize the efficiency with a larger load.

Check your insulation. If you’ve got old windows or drafty doors, your money is almost literally going straight out the window.  Tighten things up where any air could be escaping.  Though it seems obvious, be sure to always close your doors and loading docks when your air conditioning is on.

Sacrifice a few degrees. Many small businesses turn the AC up so high that the majority of their employees are freezing or covering up with long sleeves and sweaters.  There’s no sense in freezing out your employees and customers just because you can.  Swap your standard long sleeve uniform for warm weather friendly short sleeves and put your air conditioning at a slightly higher temperature – your employees and pocketbook will thank you!

How will your small business save energy this summer?


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