Black Friday Headlines Our Franchise News Roundup For November 30

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Black Friday And Cyber Monday Prove To Be Winners

It turned out to be a banner year for the biggest shopping days of 2011.

As you may be aware, the day after Thanksgiving and the following Monday are absolutely huge days for retailers. Black Friday is the traditional one, where stores are mobbed and you may or may not have to punch out a fellow shopper to get that last Pirate Elmo or whatever toy is capturing the national imagination this year. They’re reliable revenue generators.

This year, for the record, early surveys suggest that Black Friday sales were up 6.6 percent over a year ago. That’s an encouraging sign for the economy in general.

Cyber Monday is newer but no less impressive. Yesterday, online retailers offered steep cuts on merchandise and reaped the benefits, seeing an 18 percent total increase in sales over a year ago. I think it’s fair to call this a banner long weekend.

This makes me extremely optimistic about the upcoming holiday shopping season, which should see a nice jump from a year ago. A healthy retail market could help to hold off another recession. Join me in crossing your fingers.

Restaurants Rocketing To The Top

Back in September, we talked about the gradual, year-long buildup of incentives for franchisees. Many were rolling out for the holiday season, and I predicted with my usual hubris that it would be a great thing for job growth.

I was right for once!

The Los Angeles Times reports that there’s been a slow but steady rise in franchises, one that’s bringing in entrepreneurs and employees across the country. These are men and women willing to take risks because they see promise in the market, which is about as encouraging as anything I could write:

Jeff Press, 42, has heard the call to open his own business. He is preparing to roll over his entire 401(k) to open a Firehouse Subs eatery in the San Fernando Valley.

“I’m not naive to the fact that any business venture is a gamble,” Press said. “But I’m investing in myself, in something I can pass on to my kids. I can’t do that in corporate America.”

Hopefully, these incentives will continue to entice new entrepreneurs. Franchises are key to reversing the losses the job market has suffered in recent years.

Don’t Be A Turkey This Fourth Quarter

A few tips for surviving and thriving in a busy fourth quarter and holiday season, courtesy of our own blog. Hey, how about that?

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