Benefits of Leasing Medical Equipment

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The Importance of Having the Right Medical Equipment When You Need It

The longer you wait for something, often the more of a problem it becomes. This holds especially true when it comes to anything medically related. Whether you’re a doctor, dentist, or a vet, you require certain machinery to better take care of your customers and ultimately fulfill your duties in the greatest capacity. So, why wait for that equipment when you can lease it?

Medical equipment leasing is extremely popular with x-ray machines, intraoral scanners, or even software systems because of how expensive it can be up front.  Rather than taking a big chunk of change directly out of your budget, you can have Direct Capital pay for that lump sum, while you focus on doing what you do best: Taking care of your patients.

Breaking down the payments can make it less stressful and more manageable to attain the latest technology for your company. Also – because you are leasing – you automatically free up your cash flow.

Staying up-to-date with medical technology is important for your business because of the instant relationship it creates with your patients.  If patients know you have the best possible technology available, they feel safe and will more easily trust going through your company for their medical needs – now and in the future.

Now, what is important to remember is not only are these payments spread out over time, but you will get the equipment up and running in your office before you know it. Leasing medical equipment allows you to gain revenue off of the machinery and use that to pay it off. Going through Direct Capital’s quick, easy process makes any type of equipment you need available when you need it! Your business can grow and become more successful through leasing your equipment.

Not only is the medical equipment important, but let’s say you want to expand and create a new x-ray room. Well, you are going to need more than just the actual machine. You’ll need chairs, paint, lab equipment and maybe even some decorations. Consider that into your lease and let Direct Capital cover you on any up-front payments that you may encounter.

Don’t be so quick to buy outright. It’s important to give yourself options.  Leasing with Direct Capital allows you to upgrade your equipment when you need the latest, greatest technology. Giving yourself the option to upgrade, will also save you money in the long run. Instead of always paying full price each time, you should just pay for the usage of it. And when you need to acquire the new version of the equipment, we make it easy.  It’s a cost effective method that benefits and works with your budget to ensure you’re able to continue to run your business smoothly.

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