AAHOA 2015 Round Up

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Direct Capital at 2015 AAHOA Convention

AAHOA, or the Asian American Hotel Owners Association, has more than 14,000 members who together own over 20,000 hotels. Where does Direct Capital fit in to this?

As you might know, Direct Capital specializes in providing hotel franchises with payment solutions. The opportunity to meet and interact with AAHOA hotel members presented itself last week and we took it full force.

The 2015 AAHOA Annual Convention and Trade Show brought Direct Capital’s Vice President of Franchise Rick Henderson, Lending Solutions Manager Jeff Matos, and Marketing Coordinator Sarah Gallichant to Long Beach, CA April 22-25.

The trade show is designed to provide a one-stop-shop for hoteliers across the nation to connect with vendors and providers like Direct Capital. We were honored to be there.

Here’s what Sarah and Jeff, our dedicated tradeshow-goers, had to say about their experience at the show:

“We thought AAHOA was great. As much as it is a logistical meeting of the minds for the Asian American Hotel Owners Association, it’s also a celebration of their culture and success within this particular industry – very inspirational.

“We both went in optimistic that we were going to show pretty well and we believe we outperformed our expectations. The show itself is always set up beautifully – AAHOA spares no expense and it’s definitely one of the more impressive shows we’ll attend all year. The tradeshow set up is perfect and the long exhibitor hours allow for the hotel owners to take their time and for us to have meaningful conversations with everyone that comes by.

“With the members of AAHOA, trust is something that they value very much and it’s important to be present to support them to continue to gain and harness this trust. Various members that came to our booth already do business with us and just stopped by to say hello and tell us how we made an impact on their business success.

“Aside from the long term value this face time will have, we believe we walked away with several substantial opportunities that will yield direct results. We are looking forward to attending these shows for years to come!”

For more on Direct Capital, or to learn how we can help your hotel franchise, visit our website!

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