50 Accounting Blogs You Should Follow

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Accounting is one of the most challenging aspects of running a business – heck, it’s one of the most challenging aspects of life. If you’re not a knowledgeable accountant, bookkeeping and financial management is likely one of the biggest hassles you encounter on a day-to-day basis.

Business owners have more than just the tax man to worry about when it comes to finances. White-collar crime is a prevalent problem in society, with cases spanning every sector from not-for-profits to multi-national corporations. Corruption aside, there’s payroll, record-keeping, and ever-changing regulations and laws like the Affordable Care Act muddying the waters. In short, accounting is more than a simple matter of crunching a few numbers and writing paychecks.


Since our goal is always to make your life easier, we rounded up this list containing 50 of the most valuable, informative and down-right fascinating (we’re not kidding – accounting can truly be fascinating!) that exist on the web. Among these 50 impressive small business accounting blogs, you’ll find tips on maintaining your books, saving money and reducing operating costs, budgeting for your business, investing, regulatory changes, scams and fraud – literally running the gamut.

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Note: These blogs aren’t listed in any particular order of importance or worthiness; they’re listed in random order. The numbers are included merely to provide an easy way for you to tell your friends and colleagues about this great blog you found, but they’re not meant to imply that # 2 is better than # 49, for instance. We think they’re all pretty great, and we’re sure you’ll find at least a few to add to your list of go-to resources. So without further ado, here are 50 accounting blogs you should be reading.

1. The Accounting Onion



Tom Selling taught accounting more or less for 35 years and began blogging on The Accounting Onion when he retired.  Tom focuses on what he knows, financial reporting, and he blogs to inform, educate, and possibly provoke.


Three posts we like from The Accounting Onion:

2. Bloomberg Current – Finance


Bloomberg’s mission is to deliver business and financial information, news, and insight to the world.  With such an ambitious mission, Bloomberg Current has multiple purposes: connecting influential decision makers to a dynamic network of information, people, and ideas.


Three posts we like from Bloomberg Current:

3. Reuters Finance – Small Business




Thomson Reuters is “the world’s largest multimedia news agency” and “the world’s leading source of intelligent information for businesses and professionals.” Reuters provides news and information in nearly any imaginable vein, including investing, business, and technology news and personal finance, stock market, and mutual funds information.


Three posts we like from Reuters Finance – Small Business:


4. Grumpy Old Accountants



Grumpy Old Accountants was created by Professors Edward Ketz of the Pennsylvania State University and Anthony H. Catanach, Jr. of Villanova University in April 2011.  Grumpy Ed retired, and Grumpy Tony has continued the blog to provide insight into contemporary accounting, auditing, and financial reporting issues from  major publications.


Three posts we like from Grumpy Old Accountants:


5. Financial Reporting


FEI Daily offers news about finances, business, and management as well as trends and strategies, all with the goal of helping you work more efficiently and intelligently.  The team of expert contributors focuses on analysis, tips, and insight with this goal in mind.


Three posts we like from Financial Reporting:


6. Summing It Up



Summing It Up is the blog of Freed Maxick CPAs, PC.  Freed Maxick operates in Western New York; their specialty is helping clients discover and achieve their bottom-line potential with their sound business advice based upon a vast array of experiences in various industry groups.


Three posts we like from Summing It Up:


7. Small Business Profit Explosion



Wayne Belisle has been working in CPA firms since 1973 and started his own in 1992.  As a small business advocate and founder and publisher of Innovative Small Business Magainze, Wayne started the Small Business Profit Explosion blog in September 2013 to share his expertise.


Three posts we like from Small Business Profit Explosion:

8. Financial Reporting and the Law



Linda Griggs, a partner in Morgan Lewis’s Securities Practics, and Sean M. Donahue, an associate in Morgan Lewis’s Business and Finance Practice and a member of the Securities Practice, are the primary contributors to the Morgan Lewis Financial Reporting and the Law blog.  The blog discusses legal and accounting issues that affect public companies, audit committees, auditors, and their advisers and provides insight pertaining to law and accounting.


Three posts we like from Financial Reporting and the Law:


9. QuickBooks and Beyond


The Sleeter Group is nationally known for being “the highest-quality provider of technical reference materials, software expertise, and QuickBooks training materials for accounting solutions consultants.”  Therefore, their blog provides information about accounting software, best business practices, and productivity products.


Three posts we like from QuickBooks and Beyond:


10OSYB – Number Crunch!


Ed Becker, Managing Director of OSYB, LLC in Long Island, New York, is a licensed certified public accountant and a Certified QuickBooks Advisor with significant experience in public accounting.  Number Crunch! Is Ed’s blog about bookkeeping and small business topics.


Three posts we like from Number Crunch!:


11. It’s Taxing


It’s Taxing is the blog of Bond Beebe, Accounts & Advisors, one of the top DC Accounting Firms, with over 80 professionals who provide high-quality audit, tax, and advisory services.  It’s Taxing is a user-friendly blog designed to offer information and education geared toward topics related to tax, estates, accounting, and finance.


Three posts we like from It’s Taxing:


12CPA with a View


Jim Redpath is the Managing Partner and a tax partner at HLB Tautges Redpath, and understanding tax law and strategic planning with his clients is his passion.  Jim’s blog, CPA With a View, focuses on “tax topics for closely held business leaders.”


Three posts we like from CPA With a View:


13Energized Accounting


Bill Kennedy, CPA, heads Energized Accounting and its blog.  Working primarily with Canadian charities to streamline accounting processes and produce reporting in a more readable and engaging way, Bill focuses on helping non-profits succeed.


Three posts we like from Energized Accounting:


14Don’t Mess with Taxes



A writer specializing in taxes, Kay Bell has been covering taxes for magazines, websites, and blogs, including Don’t Mess with Taxes.  Her goal is to write about taxes in a way that people understand, and that helps them save money.


Three posts we like from Energized Accounting:




John Dillard is a man of faith; so much so, that he launched HIS CPA, a Christian CPA firm.  With his knowledge of tax and business management, John blogs about everything from tax planning and preparation to the IRS too taking Christianity into the world.


Three posts we like from HIS CPA:


16. Less Accounting


LessAccounting is billed as “really amazingly simple accounting software for small business, micro-businesses” by LessEverything.  The company who seeks to make accounting easy for everyone also brings you the LessAccounting blog, which follows the goal of making accounting information accessible to everyone.


Three posts we like from Less Accounting:


17. Price CPAs


Price CPAs is a full-service accounting firm in Nashville, TN; its team of professionals builds relationships through service, education, and integrity.  Price CPAs’ goal is to help you gain knowledge, plan, and build confidence while you work to obtain your financial goals.


Three posts we like from Price CPAs:


18Harvin Consulting LLC


Harvin Consulting provides experts with real-world experience to offer their expertise in project management, administration, and financial change management.  The Harvin Consulting News & Blog offers sagas of business dilemmas and challenges as narratives for how to handle those bumps in the business world.


Three posts we like from Price CPAs:


19In the Black



Whitley Penn operates out of Texas and prides itself on providing exceptional service that reaches beyond traditional accounting to include auditing, risk advisory services, tax and consulting, and more.  In the Black benefits from Whitley Penn’s extensive knowledge and a offers variety of topics to match the firm’s mission and level of expertise.


Three posts we like from In the Black:


20Appletree Business Services


Appletree’s staff members are specifically trained in small business accounting needs and work toward increasing your profitability, decreasing your taxes, dealing with IRS problems, and planning your business financial confidence strategy.  Appletree’s blog began in February 2010 and has been a source for tax, accounting, and business information ever since.


Three posts we like from Appletree:


21. 2020 Group USA



2020 Group was created to help accounting firms grow and be successful, and 2020 Group USA is part of the largest voluntary membership organization for accountants in the world.  By combining into a group, the firms are able to offer world-class service they otherwise would not have been able to achieve, and the blog is the way for those firms to share their knowledge and tips.


Three posts we like from 2020 Group USA:


22. The Missouri Tax Guy



Bruce the “tax guy” has been a professional tax preparer since 1999 and started the blog because clients, peers, and family members told him blogging would be a great way to get the articles he came across out to everyone.  He intends for his blog to be informational and educational for the general taxpayer.


Three posts we like from The Missouri Taxguy:


23. CPA in Erie, CO


Michelle Edwards, CPA, is founder and owner of Trailhead Accounting Solutions CPA, LLC.  Michelle saw first-hand the need for professional and affordable accounting solutions for small businesses, so she created Trailhead Accounting Solutions to fill the void.  She works to provide stress-free solutions to entrepreneurs as their trusted business advisor who hopes to teach them a bit of accounting as well, and she created the blog as a useful tool for businesses.


Three posts we like from CPA in Erie, CO:


24. Better Business Blog


Owner of SMT & Associates, Steve Trojan is a tax and financial services advisor who specializes in small business.  The SMT team also handles business tax and accounting issues, individual tax return preparation, tax planning, IRS representation, and financial planning for individuals.  The Better Business Blog combines all of these areas and addresses a wide array of topics for individuals and businesses.


Three posts we like from Better Business Blog:


25Taxable Talk


Taxable Talk is brought to you by Russ Fox, EA, of Clayton Financial and Talk.  The blog offers archived posts and categories of posts spanning nearly all of the fifty states plus common key words associated with taxes and business.


Three posts we like from Taxable Talk:


26. The Barefoot Accountant


William Brighenti, aka the Barefoot Accountant, has been in public accounting since 1979 and has taught courses in accounting and auditing and other related subjects at various universities and colleges.  Bill’s blog is “irreverent, tongue-in-cheek, straight-up” information about all things accounting.


Three posts we like from The Barefoot Accountant:


27. Stacy K.



Stacy Kildal is the force behind Stacy K.  A self-described “QuickBooks SuperStar,” Stacy works to help small businesses work more efficiently and intelligently.  Stacy blogs about her QuickBooks knowledge and her dream of moving more accountants into the world of technology.


Three posts we like from Stacy K.:


28Blumer CPAs


Blumer CPAs seek to “equip creative people to become mature business owners.”  The Blumer team does all of the traditional accounting work, including process improvement and tax planning and financial counseling, but they also work toward business coaching with retreats and design thinking workshops to challenge business owners to the next level.  Because of their unique business model, Blumer’s Blog is anything but ordinary.


Three posts we like from Blumer CPAs:


29. Accel


Accel Tax & Business Services, LLC prides itself on attention to detail and working to ensure financial stability for its clients.  One of their main missions is to help you achieve your financial goals.  These details and missions are reflected in their blog posts.


Three posts we like from Accel :


30. Global Tax Blog


Global Tax Blog is the blog of Kahn, Litwin, Renza, one of the premier accounting firms in Boxton.  KLR specializes in a vast array of topics, including PE/VC, healthcare, technology, emerging businesses, and more, so the blog covers a wide variety of subject matter.


Three posts we like from Global Tax Blog:


31Big 4


The Big Four Firms Network is a global social network for Big Four alumni and professionals (Accenture, Andersen, Bearing Point, Capgemini, Deloitte, Ernst & Young, KPMG and PricewaterhouseCoopers). The Big Four Blog focuses on all of the Big Four Firms and the industries in which they operate and serve by providing opinions and insight on recent and key developments, news, regulations, etc. all over the world.


Three posts we like from Big4:




Goldin Peiser & Peiser LLP is a mid-sized accounting firm located in Texas that strives to provide comprehensive solutions to personal and business finances.  GPP CPAs work as strategic advisors to create a specific plan of action to meet each business’s unique needs, and the information contained in the blog supports their mission.


Three posts we like from GPP CPA:


33. Cheqbook


Cheqbook is accounting and bookkeeping software for beginners or pros because it is so fast and easy.  In keeping with the company’s goal of making non-accountants able to use cheqbook, the blog is equally user friendly.


Three posts we like from cheqbook:


34. Servora


Servora Accounting Software is online accounting software designed to help small businesses grow.  Servora is a single platform solution utilized to manage, streamline, and automate the entire business and accounting workflow.  The Servora blog is also a streamlined site delivering information about business and the software.


Three posts we like from Servora:


35. The Payroll Blog


Easy Online SurePayroll is dedicated to bringing easy, convenient, and accurate online payroll service at an affordable price.  SurePayroll is the first completely online payroll and payroll tax-filing solution for small businesses with between 1 and 100 employees; now, SurePayroll strives to combine technology and personalized support to its customers along with efficient solutions for managing 401(k) plans, employee screenings, and more, and its blog follow the same standard for information and customer service.


Three posts we like from The Payroll Blog:



36. B & J Bookkeeping & Taxes, Inc.


B & J Bookkeeping & Taxes specializes in helping small businesses in the Houston area with their bookkeeping, tax and general accounting needs. The company’s blog is a valuable resource for other Houston accountants, and it’s also chock-full of tips for business owners in the Houston region and nationwide. You’ll find advice for cutting your monthly spending, recommendations for useful accounting tools and apps, information on avoiding dreaded IRS audits and important news related to cyber scams and tax regulations.


Three posts we like from B & J Bookkeeping & Taxes, Inc.:




Professor James Edward Maule runs the MauledAgain blog, where he comments frequently on tax law, legal education, and all things tax-related from his expert perspective. A professor at the Villanova University School of Law, Maule offers a sophisticated analysis of tax regulations and changes, coupled with his perspective on the impacts of current tax policy on society. It’s an informative read for those intrigued by the sociological ramifications of the U.S. tax system and enjoy educated discourse on the issues with the existing tax structure.


Three posts we like from MauledAgain:


38TaxProf Blog


Paul Caron, Professor of Law at Pepperdine University School of Law, offers up his perspective on life, death and taxes at the TaxProf Blog. He’s authored numerous books on estate tax and other tax-related topics, including two book series as well as multiple research papers. His perspectives offer an educational slant, with coverage of news impacting the tax world, ongoing, in-depth coverage of the IRS scandal, notices of upcoming conferences and events, and other information of interest to higher education students and instructors. Additionally, Caron includes weekly helpful news roundups with various tax-related angles for distinct audiences as well as legal information.


Three posts we like from TaxProf Blog:




39. TaxMama’s Tax Quips


TaxMama offers regular podcasts, articles and other resources with a small business and tax focus. From news, investment and real estate information to inheritance and retirement-maximizing advice, TaxMama is a wealth of information on accounting-related topics for both businesses and individuals alike. TaxMama was created to help businesses and individuals avoid issues with the IRS through sound tax planning advice, warnings about common reporting and filing errors, and other tidbits for avoiding unwelcome audits and unburying yourself from a mountain of tax debt – all mixed in with the occasional bit of humor.


Three posts we like from TaxMama’s Tax Quips:



40. The Accounting Department



Small and medium-sized businesses that want to outsource their accounting and bookkeeping needs to a forward-thinking, savvy group utilizing the latest accounting technology turn to The Accounting Department. Whether you’ve outsourced your accounting needs to the company or not, you can turn to their blog for the latest news in the accounting world, tips on navigating your way through process upheavals like the Affordable Care Act, and how to choose a firm for outsourcing your accounting services.


Three posts we like from The Accounting Department:


41. MFA Business Insights Blog



Moody, Famiglietti & Andronico manage the MFA Business Insights Blog, where they share information on venture capital funding, news about the company, taxes, audits and insurance, risk management and other topics relevant to businesses. Whether you’re looking for information on accounting for non-profit organizations, public or private corporations, MFA Business Insights Blog covers it all.


Three posts we like from MFA Business Insights Blog:


42LVBW Blog



Lougen Valenti Bookbinder & Weintraub LLP provides accounting, tax, auditing and related financial consulting services to businesses in the private sector. The company’s blog is a wealth of information for the business audience, including for those interested in starting a business or in the early planning stages of starting a business. Among those valuable insights, you’ll find plenty of informative tidbits useful for individuals, as well.


Three posts we like from LVBW Blog:



43. The Fraud Files Blog



Tracy L. Coenen, CPA, CFF, is a forensic accountant and fraud examiner specializing in divorce and corporate fraud. Tracy has more than two decades of experience under her belt, providing her with plenty of interesting fodder for The Fraud Files Blog. She offers services nationwide through Sequence, Inc. Forensic Accounting, based in Chicago with additional offices in Milwaukee. The Fraud Files Blog covers all kinds of fraud-related topics, with information on common divorce issues that arise, victories for the firm, industry news and opinions on public fraud and scam cases currently in the spotlight.


Three posts we like from The Fraud Files Blog:


44Joe Mastriano, P.C.



Joe Mastriano, CPA, takes a no-holds-barred approach to the world of taxes at TaxProblem.org, where he shares information on tax scams, offers advice for avoiding unwelcome visits from the IRS, tips for navigating the complicated world of taxes and tax returns and more. He’s written hundreds of posts in a variety of tax-related categories, making this blog an excellent resource for anyone with questions on filing, paying and managing taxes.


Three posts we like from Joe Mastriano, P.C.:


45The Sharblog



The Texas Society of CPAs started The Sharblog in September 2013 to share information for CPAs, news about the TSCPA and general accounting information. With expert commentary on regulatory matters, changes and challenges facing the industry, the The Sharblog is an informative community for professionals, businesses and individuals.


Three posts we like from The Sharblog:



46. VeraSage Institute



From customer experience and innovation to knowledge workers, project management and timekeeping, VeraSage covers a number of topics broadly impacting the world of accounting. Self-described as the “revolutionary think tank for professional-knowledge firms,” VeraSage is a wealth of information for forward-thinking businesses on topics like billable hours, time-keeping and other financial-related topics that impact modern business.


Three posts we like from VeraSage Institute:


47Empower Your Business



Nick Roberts is an accountant who believes that accounting is merely the tip of the iceburg when it comes to running a business, so he covers all that and more to help businesses and prospective entrepreneurs get off the ground on the right foot. With nearly three decades of experience, Roberts has the chops and the knowledge to guide you on the right path. While some of the tax-specific info is relevant to NZ residents, there’s a plethora of valuable information here for any business owner.


Three posts we like from Empower Your Business:





Jim Peterson is a lawyer specializing in financial and accountancy litigation. Also a writer and a teacher, it’s only natural that Peterson share his expertise through a blog. Re:Balance is just that, a platform for sharing information on financial statements, auditor value, and general news and commentary on the overall state of the accounting world – specifically, large accounting firms.


Three posts we like from Re:Balance:



49. The Corporate Counsel


TheCorporateCounsel.net aims to be a practical corporate and securities law blog, making sense of the complex maze of information and opinions in the industry. Editor Broc Romanek also manages Compensation Standards, a resource for credible executive compensation practices. At The Corporate Counsel, Romanek talks industry events and other news, management practices, opinions on happenings and much more.


Three posts we like from The Corporate Counsel:



50. White Collar Fraud


A convicted felon, former CPA and former criminal CFO of Crazy Eddie, Sam Antar offers a unique perspective on the world of white collar fraud – he’s been there. He now offers advice and consulting services on white collar crime, turning his experience into a valuable service aiding federal and state law enforcement agencies in identifying and catching white-collar criminals. If that’s not intriguing enough, White Collar Fraud is a plethora of information on major fraud cases and international companies participating in shady practices. Not only is the blog entertaining and informative, but it’s a fascinating eye-opener into the world of white-collar crime.


Three posts we like from White Collar Fraud:


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