Equipment Tips Everyone Can Use: Hitting The Marketplaces

two gears grinding
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This is the third in a series of four posts about equipment finance that we hope will be useful for small businesses. Enjoy!

So you’ve got your plan and you’ve taken steps toward securing your financing. Now you just need to buy the equipment.

If you’re at that point, you should definitely consider an online equipment marketplace. I’m talking your EquipmentEngines or your Mascus.coms, which offer a wide selection of used equipment. If you started at those two sites, you would have at your disposal literally thousands of pieces of equipment from across the United States. Not half bad.

There are times you’ll need to go new, or you’ll want to check things out in person before you make a purchase. That’s perfectly understandable. But there’s so much volume and convenience in shopping online that it makes sense to at least explore the possibility.

Another helpful facet? Being able to easily comparison shop. You can take prices on used equipment online—say a tire shear—and check them against new or used prices at your local dealer. Better yet, you can put your creaky pieces of equipment up for sale. Not a bad deal, altogether.

Where do you shop for your equipment? Let us know!