Entrepreneurs Struggling To Jump Start Job Growth

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I should just have two sections on this blog that say “Good News” and “Bad News.” With the way the economy has been going over the last few years, that might be all I’d need.

Today falls squarely in the bad news box, with good ol’ USA Today playing the role of grim messenger. The gist of the report? That entrepreneurs have started up fewer businesses in the year ending last March than anytime in the last decade. Considering we just went through a rough and tumble recession, that’s hard to spin as anything but alarming.

Of course, we’re not talking about this last March. The period from 2009 to 2010 was still the sputtering tail end of the recession. It’s frustrating and inevitable that these statistics come out more than a year after the time we’re talking about, even though it’s safe to say  that things haven’t gotten considerably better based on reports over the last several months.

This might not be such a glaring problem if it wasn’t mirrored by problems across the world of small band large business. Small businesses find themselves hamstrung by money woes and unable to hire, while big businesses are forever seeking to cut costs and are doing so by shipping jobs overseas. These are generalizations, yes, but they are clearly factors in the painfully slow hiring bounceback.

What has to change? Many, many things. We need to see more lending, more aggressive moves by businesses and more incentives for startups to start up in the first place. Not all of those things will happen at once. The more we can cobble together in the near future, the better off we’re going to be.

What are you seeing in your own communities?

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