Eight Tips to Go Green and Stay Green

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Finance Automatic Lights to Keep Costs Down

There is one constant in business: Increasing revenue and production.

Sometimes doing so doesn’t just come in the form of more money coming in. It can also mean reducing costs going out, like electricity, paper waste, and other business expenses.

There are some assets you just can’t do without and Direct Capital wants to help you reduce those costs anywhere you can.  One of those ways is to make your office more eco-friendly.

Whether you are an active recycler or go green-type at home, doing so in your business can significantly help reduce costs. And here’s how.

 Reduce Spend and Increase Productivity

  1. Remember to Turn Everything Off: Lights? Check. Computer? Check. But what about the printer, the coffee machine, the microwave, the bathroom light? These aren’t appliances or rooms you think about when you’re ready to head home for the night – or the weekend. Making sure to switch everything off at the end of every work day can save a huge amount of energy and, of course, money. Something else to consider is switching to automatic lights so that’s one less thing you have to worry about. Plus, Direct Capital can finance that light purchase for you!
  2. Use Natural Light: Depending on how large your office space is, this could be a great option for reducing the cost of electricity. Allow natural light to flood through your windows during the day – as opposed to having the lights on 8 or 9 hours per day.
  3. Recycle: Set up separate bins for trash and recycling to minimize the amount of actual waste you build up. Trash pickup can be expensive, so lessening the amount of times you need to have it emptied could save you money every month.
  4. Review Your Subscriptions: Do you get items in the mail that you look at for about 30 seconds then toss in the trash (or recycle bin!)? If so, consider unsubscribing to those companies’ lists. This way, you’ll reduce costs and be going green by eliminating wasteful spending and printing.
  5. Limit Your Printing: Does that document you’re reviewing really need to be printed out? If you can review it electronically – do it! Yes, you’ll be saving a tree and protecting the environment by not using as much paper, but think of how much money you could save as well. You won’t be buying as much paper or printer ink this way.
  6. Consider a Casual Dress Code: If your employees don’t actively meet with clients and it’s feasible to have a casual dress code, give it a shot. This may help you reduce the need for air conditioning costs or fans in the summer months, as your employees will feel more comfortable. In turn, having a casual dress code could also help you and your employees feel more productive in their work environment.
  7. Open the Windows: This will also help reduce the cost of air conditioning and will significantly lower your electric bills in the warm months.
  8. Recognizance: It’s nice to have supply closets or food pantries available to your employees, but be cognizant of the items in there, and make your staff aware too. If people are constantly taking folders out of the closet, and you are always replacing them, that could be a waste of money. Encourage your employees to only take what they need when they need it to keep the supplies lasting longer.

There are many facets to a money-making business, and not having so much output is one of them. Using these tips, we hope you see success in reducing costs at your small business.

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