The Domino’s Rally And Why It’s Important

Domino's Annual Meeting
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At Direct Capital, we’re proud partners with the good folks at Domino’s. We offer financing for their franchisees and they continue to produce delicious pizza. Everybody wins!

So we would be remiss if we didn’t mention that the annual Domino’s Pizza Rally, which in 2012 will be taking place in sunny (?) Las Vegas from May 13-16. Franchisees from all over the world will hear from CEO Patrick Doyle and the team who implemented Domino’s radical re-invention in the last couple of years, hear lectures and take part in the world’s fastest pizza making contest. It’s a good mix of business and pleasure.

More importantly, Domino’s has a lot to celebrate. We work with many different franchises, all of which do an excellent job of appealing to their customers. But only Domino’s has taken a severe liability—what customers widely considered a lackluster pizza—and turned it into the mother of all marketing opportunities. The company overhauled its pizza, added new menu items and began an aggressive advertising campaign where employees apologized for the pizza and pledged that customers could get a refund if they didn’t like the new, tastier pies.

It was a brilliant move, and now Domino’s is gaining rapidly in their space. You can bet the Rally will be host to many a discussion on the success of that approach, and it’s one we firmly believe every franchise can learn from. After all, none of us are perfect, no matter how much we may wish we were.

It’s a rare company that’s willing to cut loose, reward its employees and have a damn good time like Domino’s does. You can understand why the Rally ends up being a huge event every year. Going into the 52nd year of the franchise, there’s more to celebrate than ever before.

We’ll be keeping you all posted on the event. In the meantime, are you planning to attend?

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