Do You Want Direct Capital To Put A Spotlight On Your Business?

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A long time ago now, we posted the story of High Country Tours, the Vermont snowmobile tour company who partnered with Direct Capital to enlarge their fleet this past winter.

One of the first lessons of social media is to avoid pumping up your own business, so I’ll be blunt. While Direct Capital is clearly involved in these kinds of stories, I’m out to highlight what it is that your business does. I truly believe there’s thousands of great stories out there of growing businesses using working capital* to make a difference in their communities and promote their unique services, and I’d like to help tell them.

With that spirit firmly in mind, I’d love to hear from your business if you’ve worked with us in the past and have a unique or interesting story to share. I’ll post as many as I possibly can over the coming months and years, so tell us your story in the comments.


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*Working capital not available in the following states: AK, DE, ND, VT