Discounts And Dunkin’ Donuts In A September 21 Franchise Roundup

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Discount Franchises To Lead Holiday Hiring Charge

If you’re looking for a job amongst the mad rush for candy, costumes, turkeys and Christmas wrapping paper, you could do worse than discount chains.

Due to the unique dynamics of today’s economy, the high and middle ends of the retail market are seeing little to no growth. Some are actually seeing dips in business, and fear that will continue into the holiday season. With that in mind, many are simply refusing to hire additional workers for the season, according to the Huffington Post.

Chains including J.C. Penney (JCP.N), Kohl’s (KSS.N), GameStop (GME.N), Toys R Us TOY.UL and Crate & Barrel told Reuters they plan to hire roughly the same number of seasonal workers as last year.

“They are being very conservative because they just don’t know what to expect,” Elizabeth Moughan, senior manager of retail and hospitality marketing at Kronos, said. “There was a little bit of false optimism for a while.”

In that environment, it’s little surprise that stores like Target and Dollar Tree are the ones who expect to be hiring more. Customers aren’t likely to suddenly be flush with cash this holiday season, so the stores that offer low prices and bulk buying are the ones who are likeliest to have higher sales. You need additional workers to deal with that volume. So again, if you’re looking for a job this holiday season, try discount retailers.

Getting Franchisees To Go Green

Franchisees are not at the beck and call of franchisors. If initiatives are unpopular, they can fall flat on their collective faces if franchisees aren’t on board.

Recently, franchisors like Dunkin’ Donuts have started to target energy efficiency as a priority. That makes sense, given that Dunkin’ Donuts has thousands of locations. Even a slight reduction in electricity used at each one, for example, could result in massive savings for the company. But how do you get always busy franchisees to buy in to such a program?

GreenBiz has a smart article on that very topic, from the man who Dunkin’ Donuts recruited to help them implement the program. It’s worth reading in its entierty, but suffice to say you look for the enthusiastic franchisees first, gather data and make a compelling case.

Keeping Employees From Fighting

Chuck Blakeman, a small business guru who recently traveled to the African nation of the Congo, makes a strong case for helping that nation at home. Check it out at BizEngine.

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