Direct Capital’s Own ‘Road Warrior’ Stays True to Postcard Promise

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A Franchise Time’s January 2016 article tells the story of Douglas Solomon, Direct Capital’s Vice President of Strategic Relationships, and his recent travels across the United States.

What makes his story so interesting? It involves good old fashion communication, relationship building, and following through on promises.

Last fall, Solomon was talking to Franchise Times Publisher Mary Jo Larson about his new position here at Direct Capital. During that phone interview, Solomon mentioned how he would now be meeting, in person, with franchisors across the country to discuss lending programs. This, of course, involved serious amounts of travel.

In response, Larson jokingly said, “Hey, send me a postcard from all your stops.”

And with that comment, Direct Capital’s ‘Road Warrior’ came alive.

Larson received personalized post cards from Las Vegas, Orlando and Detroit. Plus, he sent one from New Jersey where, as Solomon wrote, “… postcards are not easy to find.”

Her favorite, she said, was the one from Charlotte, North Carolina with a note that explained just how busy he was in a three-day period: “Yesterday: Five Guys in VA. Today: Denny’s in SC. Tomorrow: Popeyes in GA. All good!”

Solomon told Larson that the people he met along his postcard journey were beyond helpful. She writes in Franchise Times, “Store clerks offered to mail postcards for him so he wouldn’t have to track down an elusive mailbox; some dug into their stash of stamps to offer him one.”

Larson said she’s going to miss those postcards in her inbox, but maybe Solomon will continue his Road Warrior ways sometime again soon.

Thanks to Franchise Times for featuring Douglas in your article!