What Makes Direct Capital Different?

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We’re a Company That Gives

You may have read our blog article about what it is like working at Direct Capital. Well, the things that make this an awesome company to work for also flow over into what makes Direct Capital different than other finance companies. There are many places and companies that you can receive equipment financing, equipment leases, working capital loans*, or franchise financing. But that doesn’t mean they are all the same. Here at Direct Capital we work hard to be the best finance company for you and your business.

So what makes us different? Scott Lynch, the Vice President of Client Services, discusses what makes us stand out in the video below:

We are a company that gives! We give to our community, to our customers and to our employees. We make every customer experience remarkable. When our customers are successful we take pride in knowing we were able to help them achieve that success. Seeking out financing can be stressful and overwhelming. Our team is here to make sure you understand all of your options and receive the financing that meets your needs. Direct Capital has been in business since 1993; we have funded over $2 billion and helped more than 80,000 businesses across the country. While you can find other companies that provide you with the same products, you will never receive the same, remarkable service as you do with Direct Capital. Visit our website to learn more about our financing options and apply for the one that will best meet your business’s needs.

Full Video Transcript: Today we are going to talk about what makes Direct Capital different and as I stand here in front of you I can tell you, I could talk about this for hours but this is a short video so I’m going to really sum it up for you.  First thing is customer service, the number one thing in Direct Capital’s core values is to make the experience remarkable.  We focus every single day with our team to make sure that every step in the experience is remarkable for your business.  We want to make sure that everything from signing the documentation to getting into the funding process, to issuing the p.o to the vendor or getting the cash that your business needs, happens at an expedited fashion.  We work diligently day in and day out to make sure you have a great experience, we try to answer every phone call, we try to return every email in a timely fashion and treat you the way you expect to be treated and the way you treat your customers.  Direct Capital has been in business for twenty years, we are looking forward to another twenty years providing remarkable service, a great experience, doing it time and time again for your business.  We are not here to do one transaction with your business, we would like to grow with your business and provide you with the finance you need to continue to reach your business goals.

*Working capital not available in the following states: AK, DE, ND, VT