What Changes Will 2017 Bring To Your Business?

Construction workers using laptop on construction site
Reading Time: 2 minutes

Change can be hard for many people to embrace. For some it boasts a challenge that can be difficult to accept, while others embrace it with open arms. Change is inevitable wherever you are in your life, including in the business world. Direct Capital’s core value for December is “Seek Change”, and we like to take any change on with full force!

So, you might ask “What does Seek Change mean to Direct Capital?” Many of our colleagues here could go on and on about what it means to them. We asked our Client Relations Manager, Dan Bocash, what Seek Change meant to him, and he said “It means we are continuously looking for improvements in daily functionality, within ourselves, within our departments, and across all facets of the company.”


Change applies to all areas of your business, and is essential if you want to grow with the always evolving consumer.

No business can survive on advertising, technology, or sales tactics from 20 years ago. The current market is especially dependent on updated ways of doings things –from online advertising and social media marketing to the way we communicate and the timeliness of communication. If you don’t adapt with the way customers work and communicate, you’ll fall behind quickly. This is not true for every business however, a small auto repair shop does not depend on social media/online advertising as much as a store in Downtown Portsmouth would. Every business needs to adapt to new ways of marketing and promoting their product/service if they want to gain more success.

If you want to see a positive change in your business, try switching things up a bit. It can be as small as changing your store front around, or setting new greeting tactics for employees. Change doesn’t have to be a huge task that you need to accomplish, start little and work your way up to the big, scary goal you’ve been putting off.

Direct Capital is a technology driven company, and we understand that change is an integral part of staying ahead in the lending business. As time goes on, we are constantly adapting and evolving our customer service approach, lending styles, and general processes to provide the best service for our customers.