Under Construction: What does all the equipment even do?

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Spring is finally here. In most states that means the beginning of construction season. Whether it is the building of a new hotel or work on the side of the highway.

Have you ever wondered what that equipment is? How much it costs? How heavy is it?

We have compiled all the interesting facts about construction equipment. You can share this infographic with the embed code below:


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Title: Under Construction

What does all the equipment even do?


Main Parts:
• Blade: levels ground, pushes rocks and soil
• Ripper: very sharp tool to rip up ground
• Crawler: allows the machine to “crawl” over very rough terrain, can also move through mud
• Main functions:
• Cut through land; level ground, cut through mountains
• usually the first piece of equipment on a construction site
• Weight: 87733 lbs
• 317 horsepower
• Avg. Used Price: 250k – 550k

Hydraulic Excavator:
• Main Parts:
• Bucket: used to scoop up rocks and dirt, etc.
• can also be replaced with a drill or scissor tool
• Boom: works like your upper arm from shoulder to elbow
• Main functions:
• Digging, crawling, loading, excavating, drilling
• Weight: 240 tons
• 1,043 Horsepower
• Avg. Used Price: 300-400k

Dump Truck:
• Main Parts:
• Driver’s seat: functions like a regular car, but is very high
• drivers need a ladder or stairs to get in
• Vessel: carries dirt and rocks, unloads at the flip of a switch which leans the vessel upward
• Main functions:
• Carry rocks and dirt to and from construction sites
• Weight: about 13 tons
• 1450 Horsepower
• Avg. Used Price: 25k – 100k

Wheel Dozer:
• Main Parts:
• Bucket: scoops things up, can be replaced with different tools like the excavator
• Main functions:
• Loading soil into dump trucks, farming, forestry, snow shoveling
• Weight: 156120 lbs
• 681 Horsepower
• Avg. Used Price: 900k – 1.4m

• Main Parts:
• Boom: supports, raises and lowers the bucket with the help of wire ropes
• Bucket: carries soil and rocks
• Main Functions:
• Excavation, bucket can be lowered and dropped into deep pits, bucket can be maneuvered like a pendulum
• Weight: 13.1 – 15.9 million lbs
• 625 Horsepower
• Ave. Used Price: $840k


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