Third Annual Mac and Cheese Mania [VIDEO]

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On Wednesday June 3, Direct Capital participated in our third annual Mac & Cheese Mania to benefit the New Hampshire Food Bank. Five heats with four teams of 11 people competed against each other to bag and box the most packages of macaroni and cheese.

While we all took competition very seriously, we also understood how important the quality of the food was. Because so many families in New Hampshire are unsure where their next meal will come from, we wanted to ensure the meals were packaged with care and quality.

By the end of the five heats, we had a 6-way tie. As a tie breaker, one team member from each of the winning teams competed. Whoever could make the fastest bag of mac & cheese was the winner. After two heated matches, we finally had a winner: Team Stinking Bishops – Congratulations!

Mac and Cheese Winners









However, we consider the entire day – and every member of the Direct Capital team – a winner because in total we packaged 21,600 bags of macaroni and cheese for New Hampshire families. Here at Direct Capital, we take our core value “give” to heart and do anything we can every day to embody that value. Participating in this challenge was no different and we’re thrilled to have been able to be a part of it.

Great job, everyone!