The New Hampshire Food Bank: A Video Look At A Great Charity

New Hampshire Food Bank
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Several weeks ago, New Hampshire Food Bank Executive Director Mel Gosselin came to speak to employees at Direct Capital, as the company has frequently donated to the food bank. It had been a long time since I last spoke to Gosselin, back when I was a reporter covering the food bank, and I wanted to check out the Manchester, New Hampshire warehouse and offices for myself.

I’ll keep my impressions brief: It’s an amazing facility. The hard-working volunteers, the sheer amount of food ready to be shipped out or picked up by the over 400 agencies which provide food assistance across New Hampshire and Gosselin herself. It takes a special kind of organization to fight against hunger, and I can say without a doubt that this is a very special organization.

Check out the video, where you can get a quick look at the facility and hear Gosselin talk about what the New Hampshire Food Bank is all about.

Check back next Monday morning for our article all about the New Hampshire Food Bank, how Direct Capital has helped and how you can help, as well. We hope you enjoyed the video.

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