National Employee Health and Fitness Day

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During National Meditation Month, it makes sense to also celebrate National Employee Health and Fitness Day (5/21).

Mental health and physical health are both important for having productive employees. If you are a construction worker or waitress then you have the opportunity to be on your feet throughout the day and you are constantly moving. However, more jobs require you to remain seated at a desk for 8 hours a day and stare at a computer screen. By sitting for such a long period of time your posture becomes poor throughout the day and your blood flow decreases to lack of movement.

In order to increase creativity, productivity, and overall health it is important to keep your employees moving. Here are a few tips:

–          If the weather is nice, go for a walking meeting instead of sitting in a conference room

–          Remind your employees to get up, stretch, and walk around every hour

–          Think about creating an onsite fitness center

–          Create a company team for a local 5k

Most companies, large and small, are introducing a fitness center onsite. These rooms don’t have to be top notch as long as they supply the necessary equipment. This equipment needs to be commercial grade and you don’t necessarily have to purchase it. Fitness equipment leasing is a popular choice because it allows businesses to upgrade their equipment overtime and they can have a variety of machines or weights as well.

Just remember, keep your employees fit, happy, and healthy.

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