May is National Meditation Month

Reading Time: 2 minutes

As a business owner it is important that you keep your employees happy. You most likely don’t have the funds to pay them a salary that is competitive with a Fortune 500 company, but you can offer something else. Being a small business means you are in an intimate environment and have the opportunity to offer other things to your employees besides money, like perks and benefits. Have you ever considered setting up a meditation room? What does this entail? Not much, if you have a spare office that is not in use you can easily transform this into a meditation room. By providing a couch and chair and maybe a few meditation CD’s you now have a meditation room. You can decorate how you see fit.

What is the benefit to having such a room for employees? This shows your employees that you care about their mental health and you want them to stay refreshed throughout the day. This room can be a place they can go to clear their mind from everyday stress, to lay down when they have a headache, or to even take a power nap. Everyone meditates in their own way and you are simply providing them with a quiet comfortable space for them.

During National Meditation Month it is a great time for you to reflect, as a business owner, on what kind of environment your employees work in. We know you try your hardest to be the best boss there is but you can’t fix normal everyday business stress. You can, however, show your employees how much you care by providing them with a small thing such as a meditation room.

A meditation room will pay for itself in the long run. Do you think your competition has one? Probably not. Your employees will work harder and more efficiently if they are relaxed and can take a 10 minute escape throughout the day.

If you feel a meditation room would be a great addition to the list of perks you offer your employees don’t worry about the financial aspect. After all, this month is all about staying relaxed and calm. Direct Capital has financing options to help you upgrade and renovate your business.