Mac and Cheese Mania

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Direct Capital helped produce 25,056 meals for the New Hampshire Food Bank to help families across the state.

1 in 5 children do NOT know where their next meal is coming from. This statistic is dangerously high. As a company we pitched in and spent our Tuesday afternoon bagging macaroni and cheese. Each bag contains six servings and has been said to taste better than Kraft. While we were tempted to try this famous macaroni and cheese we made sure it all went to help those in need.

So what does a Mac and Cheese Mania actually consist of? Well, we had 6 heats and in each heat 4 teams competed. There was an average of 12 people per team. Everyone in the company participated, including CEO Jim Broom. Each participant wore a hair net, a beard net (if needed), an apron and plastic gloves.

Everyone had a task, they consisted of:
– Opening up the plastic bag and putting a bag of cheese inside
– Adding one scoop of soy into the bag
– Adding two scoops of macaroni to the bag
– Weighing the bag to make sure it was around 353-354 grams
– Pressing the air out of the bag and sealing it
– Counting the bags and placing 36 bags in a box
– Running the box out to the New Hampshire Food Bank truck

Each heat lasted for 20 minutes. The team with the most boxes won bragging rights. Throughout the day the number to beat was 5 boxes; it wasn’t until the very last round that a team hit 6!

Direct Capital held this event last year and through that experience figured out the best approach to handle such a large charity event onsite.

The New Hampshire Food Bank is the only food bank for the state. They provide food for 9% of families. If you want to help out this vital charity click here to visit their site.

To see more photos from the event click here.