Innovators Need Apply

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Have you ever walked into a job that was filled with closed off cubicles and white walls and all you could hear was phones ringing and unsettling silence beyond that?

We haven’t!

Granted, we may have one or two white walls, but there are colorful signs and pictures on those walls that bring life to our company.

Ok, we also have cubes but they are not closed off, they are open and filled with laughter and the sharing of ideas.

At Direct Capital we are constantly raising the bar of success by pushing the envelope to stay on the cutting edge. We believe in competing against ourselves to be better every day. Is that you? Do you enjoy working hard but still having fun while doing so? If so, then you’ll feel right at home here! We are home to the top talent in the seacoast area and beyond. We all think outside the box and bring our innovation to the table.

Everyone has different talents, abilities, experiences, and when we choose to hire someone, we are choosing to hire them as a person, not just their skills or qualifications. We hire someone based on the whole package – their talents, abilities, experiences, creativity and their voice.  So, to help bring that innovation out of our employees, we’ll give them an environment where it is expected that everyone share and contribute their voice. We push the envelope as a financial company, there is no doubt about that and we need employees to do so as well.

No one wants to be some random number at some lame company.  We understand and know that our best asset is our employees and what they can bring to Direct Capital.  At Direct Capital, you are far more than just a number, you are an INNOVATOR.

So if you are ready to go above and beyond and you are tired of being boxed in, then come and join our team.  Come and join a company that not only allows you to leave your mark, but encourages you to do so.  Life is short – work somewhere awesome.


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