Expect Good News at RFDC This Year

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If our lending indexes are any indication, conference goers should expect good news at the upcoming Restaurant Financing and Development Conference.

Our most recent lending index reported a 12% increase in lending demand in September – a good sign, since historically, a strong September translates into a strong fourth quarter. The September increase, coupled with a 26% increase in overall demand versus 2012, means the economy is well on the right track.

“We’ve seen significant demand for restaurant lending throughout the year, so we’re hopeful that that’s a trend that will continue well into 2014 as the economy gets even stronger.” says Stephen Lankler, senior vice president at Direct Capital. “It’s great to see more restaurants gaining the confidence to finally expand or tackle a remodel that they may have been putting off while things were a little more uncertain.”

Direct Capital’s Senior Vice President, Portfolio Risk Management, Eric Renaud, a 24-year equipment leasing and commercial finance veteran, will be speaking at the Restaurant Finance and Development Conference in Las Vegas on restaurant financing options and the outlook for 2014. Renaud will be appearing on a panel of finance executives exploring current finance trends and 2014’s growth potential. The session will take place on Tuesday November 5 at 11:15am in Las Vegas. For the full agenda click here.

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