Direct Capital Reviews: Saint Francis Veterinary Center

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“Direct Capital Handled Everything From A to Z For Us”

The President and CEO of South Jersey’s Saint Francis Veterinary Center, Mike Magazu, told Direct Capital in an interview that one of his favorite parts about working with us was that we handled everything. From quick responses to coordinating directly with the manufacturer, Mike was able to get the products he needed to improve his business.

And ultimately, that’s what we’re here for. We want to help you grow your small business, and it all starts with getting the financing and equipment you need quickly and efficiently.

We got Mike’s review of Direct Capital so you can hear all he has to say about his experience with us!

Located in South Jersey, St. Francis Veterinary Center – a veterinary specialty referral cetner – has been in business since 1986. Mike needed a new computer tomography unit, or a CT, for his hospital and used financing from Direct Capital to purchase it.

He said, “The addition of CT capability for our radiology department is significant. It’s bolstered every other department of the hospital from surgery to internal medicine and everything else that we do.”

Mike said the Direct Capital team was extremely efficient and responsive in getting him everything he needed. “They got everything done that we needed done within 24 to 48 hours to finance the purchase that we needed to make. The team was impressive on many fronts.”

Here at Direct Capital, we pride ourselves on putting our customers first and handling everything from beginning to end so they can focus on their business. With Mike and St. Francis Veterinary Center, we made sure to coordinate with the manufacturer so him and his team could continue on with day-to-day operations.

I trusted them to get everything done and keep us going in the right direction,” Mike said, “They were very good at it.”

The Financing Process

“I was impressed in working with Direct Capital at how quick the financing process was, he told us. “We had an opportunity to make a big purchase that would help our hospital and Direct Capital really pushed that forward, handled everything from A to Z for us. They were very helpful – we were very impressed.”

Mike said the hospital had recently gone through a large capital campaign and wasn’t sure he would be able to fund the new CT unit. However, that product was extremely important to the hospital and, he said, “working with Direct Capital this way really allowed us to move forward.”

Would Mike Recommend Direct Capital?

“We’ll absolutely recommend Direct Capital to other small business owners or anyone that needs access to financing, wants to work with a team that’s as efficient as Direct Capital is, and who we can have confidence in to go get the job done.”

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