Direct Capital Reviews: NeoGraft Solutions

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“Direct Capital has Been Essential For Us”

In the financing business, quick turnaround time on a loan approval is hard to come by. Businesses often cannot afford to wait for those approvals. A fast financing process may help make the difference between closing that deal or not.

Direct Capital understands these challenges and knows how to help you close those deals. Just ask Glenn Normoyle, Vice President of Sales at NeoGraft Solutions Inc. in Lewisville, TX.

NeoGraft Solutions sells medical devices to physicians in the United States. Financing is essential to Glenn’s business because doctors don’t want to use cash on hand to purchase new equipment for their practices. It enables them to purchase the new medical technology they need when they need it. Through Direct Capital, NeoGraft was able to easily offer financing to their customers.

“For NeoGraft, having a partner like Direct Capital allows doctors to not utilize cash on hand,” he said, “And allows us to have a partner who can provide capital so that physicians can invest in new, innovative technology so we can continue to distribute our products across the United States.”

The Financing Application Process

Speaking on the ease of the application process, Glenn said when his physicians reach out to Direct Capital, they typically hear back within 24 hours. He said they will know whether or not they can move forward with a purchase, and know it quickly.

He added, “There’s no lengthy underwriting, there’s not a huge amount of paperwork to fill out – Direct Capital did a great job streamlining the process as a whole.”

Glenn said he currently recommends Direct Capital to a number of different business associates because, “They [Direct Capital] have been essential for us – for growing our business – and we plan on continuing to use them long-term. I’m sure that my associates will continue to do the same.”

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