A Direct Capital Customer Highlight – David Dion’s Dairy Queens

Reading Time: 2 minutes

David Dion has been in the ice cream business a long time – 39 years to be exact.

“I started really young, I was just 21.  I got in the business because my neighbors owned the local Dairy Queen and I was friendly with them and they asked me to manage it,” Dion says.

So, on a whim, Dion quit his full time job and began a stint as manager.  He became so committed that he eventually worked out a lease option with the owners.

That first year lease went well – enough so that the next year they worked out a lease to own agreement.  Now, several years later he owns four Dairy Queens in New Hampshire.  His most recent is located in the popular Mall of New Hampshire shopping mall.

The success Dion has seen didn’t come without some help, though.  Back in 2002, Dion knew that he would need some financing in order to purchase a new register system for one of his locations.  What followed has turned into a successful business relationship with Direct Capital that has spanned nearly ten years.

The working relationship with account manager Matt Goyette was so easy that Dion has been back to Direct Capital a total of six times since that first equipment lease for a new store package and several upgrades.

“It was easy working with Direct Capital.  Matt gave me no baloney.  Unlike some other lenders I’ve worked with, he did exactly what he said they would.  My leases were quick and simple.”

When asked if he would use Direct Capital again, he didn’t hesitate.

“I would use Direct Capital again, of course.  I am going to need some financing soon for my remodel of the store on 2nd Street.”

With four locations all up to date and going strong thanks to Direct Capital’s financing, it’s likely Dion will see even greater franchise success in his future.  As for Goyette, he’s hopeful that that’s a future that will include a working relationship with Direct Capital.

“Here’s to another ten years,” he says.