A Direct Capital Customer Highlight – Dairy Queen Franchisees

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Janet and Robert Wesch never planned on being Dairy Queen franchisees.  Where both came from high-paying corporate jobs, it’s safe to say that ice cream wasn’t the first thing on their mind.  But just as they were thinking of exploring different career paths for a better quality of life, two Dairy Queens came on the market near their home in Florida and they jumped on the opportunity.

After sinking the majority of their cash assets into the purchase of the franchises, the Wesches had very little left over to spruce up and modernize the out-of-date ice cream shops.  It was clear they would need financing if they wanted to complete the remodel.

After being turned down for funding from a number of different banks and lenders due to their lack of capital on hand, The Wesches approached Direct Capital as a last resort. It ended up being a decision they’re still celebrating.

“We are so thankful that Direct Capital was there and willing to work with us,” Janet Wesch says.  “You helped us out when no one else did.”

The modernization of the two stores went well—and the Dairy Queens were so successful—that the Wesches acquired a third store shortly thereafter in Port St. Lucie, Florida.

“This time, we went straight to Direct Capital for the new store financing,” Wesch told me.

She says working with their account manager, Kerri Fletcher, has been a great experience too.  “She’s very responsive,” Wesch says.  Even after a check was lost in the mail, Fletcher followed up and quickly got a new one sent out.

“We would absolutely use Direct Capital again,” Wesch says.

And, it looks like they are going to have that opportunity sometime in the near future. The Wesches, now dedicated Dairy Queen franchisees, are looking to expand their ice cream empire even further with a fourth Dairy Queen franchise.

But for now, the Wesches are happy to have finally found their calling, and not to mention enormous success, outside of the hustle and bustle of the corporate world.  Their successful relationship with Direct Capital is just the cherry on top.