Direct Capital is HIRING!

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Direct Capital is looking for top talent!

We currently have openings in Marketing, Sales, IT, Operations and Business Analytics.

You might be wondering why you should apply for a job at Direct Capital. This is a valid thought; we are here to help you understand us as a company. Direct Capital provides financing to all types of businesses, small or large, across the country. We are not like other financing companies, and we do not have the same vibe as a bank. We work hard to differentiate ourselves from other companies.

We also have a pretty awesome location; Direct Capital is located in Portsmouth, NH. You can spend your hour lunch break taking a stroll in the beautiful downtown area or shopping at the mall.

Current employees share their favorite things about working at Direct Capital.

John LaRochelle, Graphic Designer:

“Direct Capital sees itself as being different from other financial companies, which gives me the ability to be creative in a more playful way with our marketing efforts.”

Ellie Sutherland, Business Analyst:

“I like that I’m part of a team of creative and resourceful people developing cutting edge business technology.”

Garrett Moore, Desk side Support Technician:

“For me, it’s the culture. I never feel a sense inferiority at Direct Capital – we’re all on the same team trying to grow the business.”

Meghan Hicking, Customer Service Manager:

“Everyone at Direct Capital truly lives and breathes our Core Values.”

Andrea Lavoie, HR Assistant:

“Team work, motivation and dedication – Throughout my experience at Direct Capital, every person that I have encountered has been willing to help not only when asked, but also on their own account. It’s understood that each role is essential in order to get to our end result and the mentality to “enjoy the ride” while doing so makes it a great place to be.”

Scott Lynch, Vice President of Client Services:

“It’s always powerful to see customers we financed for grow and succeed. Our customers and partners are loyal and appreciate our service. We provide fast, fair and flexible financing and do it with great speed and precision. We learn from every transaction, we look to make EVERY experience remarkable and in the event we don’t, we can learn, get better and make sure we don’t make the same mistake twice. Our energy, integrity and desire to help businesses is second to none. These are some of the things that make DCC so great.”

Dan Reed, Strategic Account Manager:

“My Grandmother always told me…. Dan if you wake up in the morning and your first thought is, ‘ugh, I don’t want to go to work today,’ then Dan you probably shouldn’t be working there. Today, when I wake up in the morning, my first thought is always focused on what I need to get done at work today. I start the day off feeling driven and finish my day feeling accomplished. For me, working at Direct Capital is exciting and educational. I learn something new every day.  So I guess you can say, my favorite part about working at Direct Capital is being a part of a team that is as driven and focused as I am. It’s my coworker’s and superiors that keep me coming in on time every day.”



Direct Capital has 10 core values:

  • Give
  • Make every customer experience remarkable
  • Be scrappy
  • Crush obstacles
  • Seek change
  • Invent solutions
  • Drive “Big Mo” (momentum) for success
  • Be point blank
  • Bring it. Passion-all day, every day
  • Enjoy the ride!

Which core value do you relate to best? Maybe it’s all of them! If so we want you on our team. Apply online with your resume.