Direct Capital Customer Highlight: Perfect Game USA

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Every pitcher from high school to the pros is looking for a perfect game. Perfect Game USA was looking to throw a few fastballs of its own.

The company is a major force in scouting in the United States, with 25 different locations across the country. At some point, the cream of the crop from high school baseball teams nationwide will come to programs sponsored by Perfect Game, which sends its scouting reports and videos to scouts from major programs and Major League Baseball team.

“Some 80 percent of the kids drafted this last year had been to Perfect Game events,” Walser said. “We pull the good kids together so that the scouts, both college and pro, can watch not only what (the players) can do, but what they can do against the other good kids in the country.”

This year, Perfect Game was ready to take its game to the next level. Through financing obtained from Direct Capital, the company invested in dozens of iPads, which Walser said “basically automated the scoring system.” That allowed scouts to crunch numbers and compile statistics in days instead of weeks.

Walser said getting the financing proved to be easy.

“It was the easiest thing we ever had,” he said. “Piece of cake.”

JP Camire, an account manager at Direct Capital, said in all the company provided financing for 35 iPads initially and 30 just a month later.

“We made these transactions seamless by credit, funding, and sales having all hands on deck,” Camire said.

For his part, Walser said the financing and the new iPads will only help one of the nation’s best-known scouting agencies to thrive and prosper.

“I don’t think there’s anybody in the world near the magnitude of what we do right now.”

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