Connecting The World From Hawaii: A Small Business Story

Small Businessman Talks On Phone While Laeaning On Palm Tree
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Jared Grugett is all about communication.

The CEO of Hawaii Dialogix Telecom in Honolulu, Hawaii, Grugett has built a 15-employee Competitive Local Exchange Carrier that caters to the customer. According to Grugett, the company boasts some of the fastest Internet speeds in Hawaii, as well as some “very competitive” pricing. Since the company came out of the cradle back in 2002, it has primarily focused on small and medium-sized businesses, but also works alongside large complexes and resellers to fill their needs.

As the Internet has become incredibly ubiquitous, companies large and small have moved toward it as a driving force for business interactions, marketing, advertising and customer service. That evolution toward an online business world doesn’t work without quick, reliable Internet service. HDT is on the front lines in its chosen state.

There have been challenges along the way. The economy battering businesses in all 48 contiguous states in the U.S. has hit Alaska and Hawaii hard, too, and HDT has gone through its share of hardships along the way. Throughout, Grugett said, his faith in his small business never faltered.

If he had a piece of advice for fellow small business owners, Grugett said it would be this: Keep that faith.

“The grass is not always greener,” he said. “In these tough economic times, if you have something you believe in stick with it, as the next thing in line may leave you regretting what you left.”

When asked about HDT’s most major roadblock, Grugett identified “general economic challenges like the rest of the country, with access to capital being the largest.” Yet the company has stuck it out through tough times and is actually expanding its network as the fourth quarter of 2011 picks up steam.

HDT and Direct Capital teamed up earlier this year to continue that expansion.

HDT came to Direct Capital for financing that got the company “equipment that continues to improve and build out our network,” Grugett said. “You guys have done a great job!”

With the worst of the recession behind HDT, there should be bright days ahead for the company. After all, they have a lot of connections to make.

To learn more about HDT, visit Learn more here about how Direct Capital can help you meet the rising demand at your business.

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