Being a VIP with Direct Capital

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Are you a VIP with Direct Capital?

Currently we have a couple hundred VIP customers.

How does someone become a VIP?

Easy! If you are a multi-unit operator or an influential franchisee then you are a VIP!

What are the benefits of a being a VIP?

Besides being considered a Very Important Person, there are a few other perks:

–          You will receive unmatched service and communication; 24/7 phone, email, etc.

–          You build longstanding relationships that are built on trust, speed, ease and competitive rates.

–          You’ll get to work directly with Matt Goyette, a finance veteran with 17 years of experience and an unmatched passion for his customers.

–          You will do business with a company that is a leader in Franchise Financing.

–          You will do business with a company that has state of the art technology to simplify the finance experience

–          You will be the first to know about promos, reduced doc fees, and incentive offers.


Does this sound like something that interests you? Is part of your goal to become a multi-unit operator? Visit our website to apply for franchise financing and take the next step towards your goal!