How Hewes Family Movers Continues to Expand with Equipment Financing

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Direct Capital Review: “I am Very  Thankful”

You can say that Bill Hewes never really planned on owning a popular moving business, but that’s exactly what happened.

A school teacher by trade, Hewes spent many weekends and summers working at his side businesses – a family moving company in Griffin, GA.  When that business really started to take off a few years later, Hewes made the decision to make his side business his full time career.

“It started to get really busy.  So I eventually got out of teaching to focus on the moving company full time,” Hewes says.

In fact, Hewes Family Movers was doing so well that Hewes soon realized that it would be necessary to expand his fleet of moving vehicles – a process Hewes realized would be easier said than done.

“I went to a bank for a loan, and even though I have good credit I was denied because of the amount of debt I’m carrying.  One bank guy even had the nerve to laugh at me because we didn’t have a P and L.  Remember, I’m pretty new at this business thing.”

That’s where Direct Capital came in.

Thanks to the great customer support from his account manager, Paul Crate, who was always there to field Hewes’s calls and answer his questions, Hewes was not only able to purchase a new trailer but he was also recently approved to add a new box truck, and he hopes to keep on expanding.

“I am so thankful for your system and also that this will not show on my personal credit, leaving it free if we need a van or more equipment like that later,” Hewes told us.

It seems Hewes has been putting his new equipment to good use, as he has already bid a job for his brand new truck to go to New York this month.  That trip alone will profit his company enough to make almost three payments on the loan; even after all other expenses for that trip are paid.

At a time when the economy has been challenging for many small business owners, it seems Hewes has good reason to be especially grateful for all he has managed to accomplish this year.

“I’d like to use you guys to get two or three more trucks very soon,” he said.  “You all are helping us grow – and for that I am very thankful.”