50 Money Management Blogs to Help You Take Control of Your Finances

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Everyone can hope for a better financial future – whether for yourself or your business, there’s always room for more money. But not everyone is a money-management genius or a stock-market expert, so it’s helpful to turn to someone with more experience for answers to your most burning financial questions.

We’ve identified 50 of the best money management blogs to help you get a better handle on your personal and business finances, with tips for investing, planning for retirement, organizing business finances, curbing spending and more. You’ll find answers to just about every financial question you can come up with in these blogs, which are chock-full of expert advice from financial experts, companies and everyday people who have been there and done it.

Note: These blogs aren’t ranked in any particular order. The numbers are used to make it easy for you to tell a friend or colleague about this fabulous new blog you discovered when you share this post, but they’re not intended to imply that #3 is better than all the blogs below or that #50 is sub-par to the rest. There are thousands of money management blogs, but we think these 50 are some of the most helpful, informative, and useful you’ll find.

Ready to take charge of your financial future or get your business back in the black? Get your favorite RSS reader or bookmarking tool fired up and take a look at the following 50 incredible money management blogs. We know you’ll find at least a few you’ll want to follow!
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1. Debit Savvy


DebitSavvy.org is a site designed to provide consumers with fast and accurate information about debit cards.  The blog offers information about debit card myths, debit as a payment method, debit as a financial-planning tool, and how to conveniently use debit cards securely.


Three posts we like from Debit Savvy:


2. My Money Blog


Jonathan Ping started blogging about money nine years ago, as he and his wife aspired to live on one income and save another with the ultimate goal of retiring early in mind.  He shares their financial decision-making processes and hopes the blog is a resource for those seeking to improve their finances.


Three posts we like from My Money Blog:


3. Consumerism Commentary


Consumerism Commentary focuses on money from a personal finance perspective.  Luke Landes, aka Flexo, shares daily articles based on current events and events in his own life with the hopes of readers learning how to live fulfilling and financially stable lives.


Three posts we like from Consumerism Commentary:


4. Money Musings


Michael, creator and owner of It’s Your Money, and blogger at Money Musings had an epiphany when he turned 30: he was afraid he was heading down the familiar path of being controlled by money, or his inability to manage it.  He decided to crunch numbers and figure out a way to be debt free other than his mortgage, and he works through the blog to help motivate, educate, and assist families and individuals to do the same.


Three posts we like from Money Musings:


5. The Debt Movement


The Debt Movement was created by Jeff Rose, who has made it his mission to help people get out of debt.  Jeff and his Debt Squad (some of the top personal finance bloggers and debt experts), along with the people at ReadyForZero joined forces to try to put a huge dent in consumer debt in America through scholarships, education, community, and hard work.  The blog shares the Debt Squad’s expertise, member posts and questions, and information to help people get out from under their debt.


Three posts we like from The Debt Movement:

6. AllFinancialMatters


Jeffrey Pritchard is the personal finance blogger at AllFinancialMatters.  He blogs a bout all things related to financing, investing, debt, and more.  Most of his posts include links to research and articles to continue educating yourself about money management.


Three posts we like from AllFInancialMatters:


7. Get Rich Slowly



Get Rich Slowly does not offer get-rich-quick schemes or hot stock tips.  Rather, the blog is dedicated to sensible personal finance; and, they must be doing something right because Time magazine named them a best blog and Money magazine named them a most inspiring money blog.  Founded by J.D. Roth in April 2006, Get Rich slowly is now written by a group of staff writers who share stories about heir journeys out of debt, advice for investing, helpful personal finance tools, and more.


Three posts we like from Get Rich Slowly:


8. Early Retirement Extreme


Early Retirement Extreme began as a blog in 2007 and now consists of four parts: the blog, an associated forum, a wiki, and a book.  With the advent of the book and the forum, the blog is now better used as a “point of entry” into the ERE philosophy.


Three posts we like from Early Retirement Extreme:


9. Brave New Life



The blogger behind Brave New Life quit fighting for more knowledge, power, success, and money and quit his high-stress job, sold his car, downsized his house, sold most of his possessions, and moved his family to Colorado.  At age 36, he finally retired.  Brave New Life chronicles his own look at simplifying life, financial independence, early retirement, and investing.


Three posts we like from Brave New Life:


10. Cool Checks


Sherry Tingley started Cool Checks in 2007 because she enjoyed learning how to create a website but then turned her site into a collection of ideas about business strategies and money management after being laid off in 2008.  She hopes her blog will help save you money and teach you new ways of creating income streams.


Three posts we like from Cool Checks:


11. Entrepreneur – Money


Entrepreneur Magazine has been motivating, educating, and celebrating entrepreneurs more than 40 years.  Online, Entrepreneur offers money management tips for business and personal finance.


Three posts we like from Entrepreneur – Money:


12. Managing Your Money


The producers of boston.com bring everything Boston to the web, from news to events to arts to sports, but the Managing Your Money blog is specifically dedicated to insights and advice on budgeting, managing debt, and retirement planning, provided by local Boston finance professionals.


Three posts we like from Managing Your Money:


13. Blogging for Change


Blogging for Change is brought to you by Money Management International, a leading provider of financial counseling and education services for more than 50 years.  The goal of the company is to improve lives through financial education, and its blog supports its purpose through posts all about money management.


Three posts we like from Blogging for Change:

14. Money Crashers



Money Crashers’ mission is to create a community for people who make financially sound decisions.  To help achieve its goal, the blog aims to educate people in making wise choices about credit and debt, investing, real estate, spending, and more.


Three posts we like from Money Crashers:


15. Cash Money Life


Cash Money Life is a personal finance, small business, and career journal with daily articles about a plethora of financial, small business, and career topics.  Primary author Ryan Guina is a writer, small business owner, entrepreneur, and professional in the corporate world.  He hopes to share his information with people who are looking to find financial freedom and happiness.


Three posts we like from Cash Money Life:


16. Thousandaire


Blogger Kevin McKee works full time in software development, but he’s less interested in 401(k)s and market investing and more interested in spending time with his wife and enjoying his life.  He covers three main topics in Thousandaire: personal finance, life, and politics.  His goal is to entertain you with personal finance and maybe even perhaps make you laugh.  Either way, he promises not to be boring.


Three posts we like from Thousandaire:


17. My Dollar Plan


Personal finance writer and enrolled agent Madison DuPaix, along with her team of writers, brings personal finance information and news to My Dollar Plan.  She seeks tax, retirement, investing, and free money deals and shares news and tips about them with readers.


Three posts we like from My Dollar Plan:


18. Money Talks News


Money Talks News has been providing personal finance TV news to 100 network affiliates for more than 20 years.  Money Talks News’ mission is simple: give people the information and inspiration to destroy their debt, build their savings, and accomplish their goals.


Three posts we like from Money Talks News:


19. Growing Money


Growing Money seeks to help everyone learn how to manage their money and make their money work hard for them.  Through three main topics – investing, personal finance, and real estate – Growing Money shares news and strategies to help you make the most of your money.


Three posts we like from Growing Money:

20. SayEducate



SayEducate is the blog for nBuy Associates, a business advisory firm operating a life-event network that addresses decisions in home improvement, money management, education, and more.  SayEducate also welcomes articles and news-related releases addressing money management and consumer lending issues from money and fund managers.


Three posts we like from SayEducate:


21. Tom Copeland’s Taking Care of Business


Tom Copeland’s blog is specialized for people running a family child care business; that is, people who have home-based businesses where children are cared for in the home of the provider.  The blog seeks to help family child care providers learn how to save on their tax returns, market their business, establish a business relationship with parents, reduce risks through insurance, and manage money and plan for retirement.  The blog also will help organizations that assist family child care providers keep up-to-date with the latest information on running a successful business.


Three posts we like from Tom Copeland’s Taking Care of Business:

22. Dealbreaker


Published by Breaking Media, Dealbreaker covers the personalities and culture that shape the financial industry, offering original commentary, news, and entertainment.


Three posts we like from Dealbreaker:

23. Young Adult Money


Young Adult Money is geared toward helping those in their 20s and 30s make more, save more, and live better.  Covering a wide variety of personal finance and lifestyle topics that are relevant to young adults, YAM has three weekly contributors and boasts 5+ posts a week consistently from the very beginning in 2012.


Three posts we like from YoungAdultMoney:

24. Complete Money Management



Colin Meeks and Chip Chelf are the brains behind Complete Money Management.  They have a combined 28 years of experience as qualified financial advisors and they pride themselves on taking care of their clients, treating people right, and telling it like it is.  Their blog posts follow suit well.


Three posts we like from Complete Money Management:

25. Shoeboxed


Shoebox’s goal is to rid the world of paper clutter and help you get organized with digital data.  Shoeboxed is an easy way to streamline accounting, bookkeeping, and tax prep, allowing users to spend less time on paperwork and more time on the work they love.


Three posts we like from Shoeboxed:


26. Mr. Money Mustache



Mr. Money Mustache retired in his thirties and now writes about how everyone can lead a frugal life of leisure.  His goal is to show people how to create a better life that costs 50-75% less.


Three posts we like from Mr. Money Mustache:


27. U.S. News Money


The blog for business news and financial news from U.S. News & World Report features four main categories: retirement, personal finance, careers, and investing.  For more than 80 years, U.S. News has provided news people can use in politics, health, education, money, and more.


Three posts we like from U.S. News Money:


28. ManagementHelp.org – Business Planning



The Business Planning Blog helps to improve businesses by providing articles, opinions, commentary, and many related resources. The blog focuses on business planning for all types of organizations and includes information that would be useful for everyone from beginners to advanced business planners.


Three posts we like from ManagementHelp.org – Business Planning:


29. Smart Money Management



Bill Wagenheim is the man behind SmartMoney Management.  Writer and publisher of a workbook, You Can be… Debt Free, Bill was forced to deal with personal debt management when he had to sell his home with no mortgage and pay for family health issues.  He has taken his experiences and knowledge from that life situation to begin a second career that includes blogging about managing debt.


Three posts we like from Smart Money Management:


30. The New York Times – Your Money



Your Money is the New York Times’ blog for all things money.  Articles and features on investing, pensions retirement plans, mortgage rates, mutual funds, the stock market, bonds, and notes are available in the blog.


Three posts we like from The New York Times – Your Money:


31. Credit Sesame



Credit Sesame operates under a simple principle: Assets – Liabilities = Wealth, and the fact that most people overlook how important managing their credit and loans is to building wealth. Credit Sesame was established in 2010 to address the need being created by financial services companies that were directing customers to focus on investing and not addressing the mortgages, loans, and credit cards most people pay each month.


Three posts we like from Credit Sesame:


32. GO Banking Rates


GOBankingRates.com aims to improve the way people connect to the banks and financial institutions they use every day.  They provide solutions whether you’re looking for the best rates or investment strategies, and they partner with banks and lenders to offer the best deals and rates to their own visitors.


Three posts we like from GO Banking Rates:


33. Figuring Money Out



Figuring Money Out is a personal finance blog relating to the author’s finances, how they affect every day life, and the journey to eliminating debt and finding financial independence one step at a time.


Three posts we like from Figuring Money Out:


34. AllBusiness.com – Budgeting



AllBusiness.com is one of the world’s largest online resources for small businesses, providing essential tools and resources to start, grow, and manage your business.  Real-world expertise and practical advice from some of the best minds in small business have helped AllBusiness.com to be recognized and featured by The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, The New York Times, US News & World Report, and more.


Three posts we like from AllBusiness:

35. Bank Deals Blog



DepositAccounts.com strives to be a different sort of bank account comparison site, as it offers unparalleled coverage and has a “not-for-hire” approach to collecting and presenting information, thus putting the user first.


Three posts we like from Bank Deals Blog:

36. Bargaineering



Bargaineering is a personal finance blog started in 2005 by Jim Wang.  His goal was to educate people about the often-complicated topics in the personal finance world.  Thus, Bargaineering’s philosophy is also simple: life is about enjoying the things you love doing and spending time with the people you love spending time with.


Three posts we like from Bargaineering:


37. Money Muse Thoughts



Richard Rosso is the soul searcher behind Money Muse Thoughts.  He writes with painstaking truth about his own experiences, how we handle our financial situations, and the rickety structure of credit.


Three posts we like from Money Muse Thoughts:


38. No Credit Needed



No Credit Needed is a blog about debt reduction and saving money.  NCN has transformed since April 2005, when the author started the blog to track debt reduction progress, then tracked progress toward saving a six-months emergency fund, and has since been tracking progress toward planning for retirement, saving for kids’ college educations, and trying to live without borrowing money.


Three posts we like from No Credit Needed:

39. Chief Family Officer



Cathy started Chief Family Officer in 2005, a few months into her maternity leave and after deciding to quit her full-time job as an attorney to become a work-at-home blogger mom.  Her mission is to help you achieve financial freedom and family bliss and describe how her family works toward the same goal, with a little parenting and booking information thrown in as well.


Three posts we like from Chief Family Officer:


40. Generation X Finance



KC became a millionaire before he turned 30, after getting a BS in engineering, working for a couple of companies, and quitting after the e-commerce site he started with his wife became successful.  Recently, KC earned his MBA specializing in finance and has begun blogging to share his story and help others along the way.


Three posts we like from Generation X Finance:


41. Free Money Finance



The objective of Free Money Finance is to talk about finances in a simple, easy-to-understand manner that allows the reader to manage finances with little effort.  With that goal in mind, the author offers financial wisdom that is simple and easy to implement.


Three posts we like from Free Money Finance:


42. Dinks Finance



Dual Income No Kids Finance blog is a personal finance blog by and for couples to learn about money, debt, and financial freedom.  The authors don’t claim to be financial experts, but they have been trhough debt and financial mistakes and successfully eliminated their debt and learned from those mistakes, thereby hoping to help others achieve their financial goals.


Three posts we like from Dinks Finance:


43. Modest Money



Modest Money’s goal is to teach you how to better manage your finances and stretch your money, so that you are able to take control of your personal finances.


Three posts we like from Modest Money:


44. EngineerYourFinances



EngineerYourFinances was worried about starting a site when there is so much personal finance advice already out there, and they weren’t sure they would be able to differentiate what they had to offer.  They soon realized, however, that they had three themes lacking in the plethora of get-rich-quick schemes and that set them apart: optimization, education, and financial security.


Three posts we like from EngineerYourFinances:


45. Money Manifesto


The creator of Money Manifesto, Lance has been an entrepreneur since he was a kid, with lemonade stands and pet sitting and lawn care businesses.  He graduated from college debt free and became a licensed CPA in Virginia.  Now working in corporate accounting for a Fortune 500 company, Lance hopes to help readers improve their own finances.


Three posts we like from Money Manifesto:


46. Enemy of Debt


Brad Chaffee started Enemy of Debt in April 2008 after deciding to take action and stop living paycheck to paycheck.  At that time, he did not have any savings, knew very little about budgeting, and were buried under more than $26,000 in debt.  He started the blog to teach personal responsibility, debt free principles, and the importance of planning to show people how to take control of their finances one step at a time.


Three posts we like from Enemy of Debt:


47. Money Plan SOS


Steve Stewart and his wife became consumer debt free in 2007 and will be completely debt free when they pay off their mortgage.  By following a simple budget and living below their means, Steve and his wife have a success story, and now Steve wants to expose the real messages consumers are bombarded by and to help others discover the truth about debt so they can build wealth instead of credit.


Three posts we like from MoneyPlan SOS:


48. Everybody Loves Your Money


Coming from a blue-collar family, the blogger behind Everybody Loves Your Money and learned the value of hard work and the anxiety that come along with paying bills from a very early age.  He starting seeking his own information about personal finance and, while still an amateur, has had enough experiences and success that he wants to share his ideas and strategies with readers.


Three posts we like from Everybody Loves Your Money:


49. Fine-Tuned Finances



Fine-Tuned Finances is a financial blog that provides tips and tricks to help people fine tune their financial engines.  Topics include investing, insurance, savings, debt reduction, and more.


Three posts we like from Fine-Tuned Finances:


50. Lazy Man and Money


The blog began as a personal journey to explore how to save and make more money, but it has undergone three distinct phases since then, including a focus on peer-to-peer lending, managing money, and expanding awareness of Multi-Level Marketing and the scams associated with some MLM companies.


Three posts we like from Lazy Man and Money:

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