Direct Capital Steps Up Start-Up Financing Deals

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Double your finance, double your fun? At Direct Capital, we’re banking on it.

I’m fond of providing interesting things to read and valuable services for our readers, and so I wanted to take a moment to point out something we’re doing in-house. I hope you’ll oblige me.

With start-ups revving up in 2011, the time is right to strike while the iron is hot and seize the day and an endless list of cliches that you probably don’t want to hear. Direct Capital is responding to the market conditions, going from a previous $30,000 in start-up funding for equipment to $60,000 split between two different combined deals. For small businesses who are trying to get off the ground, that extra money could make a substantial difference.

“There has been tremendous growth in the number of new businesses started over the last 12 months,” said Scott Lynch, Director of Client Services for Direct Capital. “Many people who were laid off during the recession jumped on the opportunity to start a new business. That’s great to see and we want to support it in every way possible. We are prepared to help them get the financing they need for capital equipment or technology.”

The financing is not cheap, but Lynch said benefits ranging from tax advantages and building commercial credit make it worthwhile, as well as access to the equipment many start-ups need to get off the ground. As Lynch put it, the financing can help entrepreneurs “achieve their dreams.”

If you’re just looking to get started, you may want to check out what Direct Capital can offer.  Feel free to hit the comments and let us know what you think.


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  1. What does “$60,000 split between two different combined deals”? Does that mean you write two leases sent to two different funding sources? And what does “The financing is not cheap” mean in real terms? Is the implicit interest rate more than on a credit card? More than 18%. Thanks.

    Larry Elton

  2. Larry, thanks for the comment. It’s $30,000 per lease, with two different programs available. The rate factor on the lease will vary, but it is simple interest versus the compound interest on a credit card payment.

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