Direct Capital Releases FinanceQuote For Androids

financequote application from direct capital
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Direct Capital recently released its FinanceQuote app for iPhones. Simply put, it was released to allow vendors to give customers monthly finance payments on the spot. You can read more details here.

Now you can get that same great app on Android series phones, and it’s still free. It’s also been re-released and updated for the iPhone and iPad, so you’ve got a few different platforms to play with. Here’s a little more about the new release:

The newly released FinanceQuote features several enhancements for vendors, including the option to create quotes based on a customer’s credit, save and view past quotes, and store information to make it easier to send out future quotes.

“We received an amazing response to the initial release of FinanceQuote and we have taken the feedback we received from our vendor partners to make it even more powerful,” said Direct Capital CEO James Broom. “More and more of our vendors are arming their sales teams with smart phones and tablets to increase efficiency and customer service. Having immediate access to payment options goes hand-in-hand with those efforts.”

So there’s a lot to recommend the app, I think. If you’re in the equipment or technology vendor field, it’s more or less a must-have.

To check out the app for yourself, visit here for Androids and here for iPhones and iPads. Let us know what you think of it and if you have suggested improvements!