Direct Capital Joins Small Businesses In Donating To UNICEF In Japan

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With the humanitarian crisis in Japan continuing, we urged readers to consider helping out their small business equivalents in the island nation, which was struck by an earthquake, tsunami and near nuclear meltdown. Many small businesses across the country have given of their time, money and services as they can, backing up huge donations from celebrities, Major League Baseball and other entities.

Now Direct Capital is backing up the original call to action with the aid of its employees. Every other Friday, the company holds a “Denim for Donations” day, which encourages employees to donate in exchange for wearing jeans to work. For every dollar raised by the employees last week and next Friday, the company will donate a dollar to UNICEF, which is committing resources and money to the ground in Japan.

Last Friday’s donation push brought in $657, which Human Resources Manager Laurie Todd said will be matched for a total contribution of $1,314. Next Friday, April 15th, employees will again bring in money to go toward the effort.

“DCC chose to raise money for UNICEF because we were encouraged by the fact that Japan has always been a big donor to UNICEF, but has never received it’s assistance.  Since UNICEF is the world’s leading organization for children who have survived trauma related to natural and man-made crises, we felt that this organization was critical in providing assistance immediately,” said Laurie Todd, human resources manager with Direct Capital.

We would encourage you to give to UNICEF too, if you’re able. The need for help in Japan will be ongoing for months, and perhaps years.  Let us know how you or your business have helped out, or plan to.


Photo credit goes to Unicef