Direct Capital To Deliver $300 Million To Franchise Space

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Direct Capital believes in the power of franchises. That’s why our company has announced a major commitment to the space, a multi-billion dollar industry worldwide.

Here’s our announcement. We hope to hear from you if you’re a franchisee or franchisor looking for smart financing programs tailored to your franchise.

Direct Capital, a leading nationwide provider of franchise financing for 20 years, announced recently that it will increase its funding commitment to the franchise industry and will continue to build new programs that alleviate the challenges faced by franchisees.

The company said it will commit $300 million in 2013 to help fuel the growth of the franchise sector, one of the largest industries in the United States.

”Franchisees and franchisors are looking for a strong partner that has not only the capability to lend, but the experience to get the funding quickly deployed to the franchisees who need it for store development, remodels and equipment upgrades,” said Robyn Gault, Vice President of Strategic Accounts at Direct Capital. “Our deep experience lending to franchisees over the last 20 years makes us a long-standing, reliable lending source for our brand partners.”

The International Franchise Association projects 4% growth for the industry in 2013, but Direct Capital believes larger growth is possible if affordable financing is made available for franchisees.

To learn more about Direct Capital’s franchise financing programs, visit the Direct Capital website.