Direct Capital Customer Highlight: Toys For Trucks

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Toys for Trucks navigated a difficult road over the last two years.

The Hesperia, California-based Toys for Trucks has been around since 1983. The husband and wife duo of James Haskins and Korri Dondlinger sell everything from running boards to exhaust systems for trucks, and today are in the process of adding two new employees to their roster of nine.

Their survival through the recession is a testament to their willingness to spend wisely, work hard and cut back where they could. As Korri told us recently, her business rolled with the punches, battling through the worst recession since the 1980’s to emerge stronger and leaner.

“We’re doing fine,” Dondlinger said. “We’re done with the hard part.”

In addition to their own tireless work, the Dondlingers were aided by financing from Direct Capital. Toys for Trucks has made use of the company’s working capital* and equipment finance program four times, including twice during the leanest years of the 2000’s.

Korri Dondlinger said that the financing Toys for Trucks has obtained from Direct Capital—particularly during the height of the recession—has made an enormous difference. She said working with the staff has been easy and the financing has been used to purchase everything from needed equipment to office upgrades.

“Thank God you guys are out there to stand behind the companies that the banks don’t have faith in anymore.”

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*Working capital not available in the following states: AK, DE, ND, VT