Direct Capital Customer Highlight: High Country Tours

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Direct Capital Review: “It’s been nothing but a positive experience”

From time to time, Direct Capital Blog will highlight the story of a customer who has worked with Direct Capital to achieve success for their small business. We hope you’ll find value in their stories of overcoming financing challenges.

When Mark Pederson’s snowmobile tour business revs up for the winter, his fleet of machines has to be ready.

The Wilmington, Vermont-based High Country Tours boasts 32 snowmobiles and a growing tour and rental business during the snowiest months. During the summer, Pederson and his wife, Wendy, maintain a boat and wakeboard rental business that’s also beginning to come into its own.

In contrast to many businesses during the course of the recent recession, the Pedersons have seen demand for their services grow by leaps and bounds. They’ve been able to keep their employees intact throughout while putting up to 25 sleds at a time on trails owned by the U.S. National Forest Service.

Pederson first reached out to our company in 2006, and has returned several times for equipment financing to keep his snowmobile fleet growing and going. His business requires constant upgrades and maintenance to his fleet of snowmobiles, and he called on Direct Capital’s service and ability to quickly vet him for the equipment financing he needs.

“We’ve been dealing with you folks for some of our needs for financial assistance over the years, and it’s been nothing but a positive experience. That’s why we keep coming back again,” Pederson said.

Pederson had special praise for Direct Capital’s Sara Tardif, who he said is “particularly on the ball” and generally turns around deals in five business days or less. That’s a big deal for a seasonal business like his, as is the Direct Capital’s willingness to structure the bulk of payments during the months that business is booming.

“When we come to you guys, we’re ready,” Pederson said.

Tardif said equipment financing from Direct Capital was needed to replace the company’s fleet before the holiday season picked up in December. Business for High Country was so good in February that they needed to add a few more sleds, which the equipment financing options at Direct Capital allowed them to do.

“Our ability to meet their needs in a timely fashion, as well as structuring the financing around their budgeting needs, keeps these clients reaching out to me by name when they have a purchase they need to jump on immediately,” she said.

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